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Big Bad Toy Store

MOTU Mini Bust Paperweights coming from Icon Heroes

Icon Heroes has teased us with a sneak peek at their upcoming line of Masters of the Universe Mini Bust Paperweights! The image shown is still pending licensor approval, and we’re still waiting for an official press release with full details on this new line. But we can tell you the following:

•the resin mini-bust paperweights are 1/6 scale.
•based on filmation art including appropriate shading and outlines.
•designed and sculpted by the one and only Joe Amaro!

Stay tuned! More details will be posted as they are available!

In the meantime, who do you hope to see in this new line? Discuss!

Big Bad Toy Store

Pixel-Dan.com Exclusive Molten Hammer by Joe Amaro Available 12/15/2012

It’s the first-ever Pixel-Dan.com Exclusive!

From Joe Amaro, in collaboration with “Pixel Dan” Eardley comes The Molten Hammer!

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Joe Amaro’s Castle Warriors Customiztion Kit Video Review

Joe Amaro has teamed up with Castle Grayskullman creator Daniel Benedict to bring you the Castle Warriors Customization Kit, perfect for sprucing up your MOTU Classics Castle Grayskullman action figure!

Join me for a look at this set before it goes on sale!

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Castle Grayskullman Customizing Kit from Joe Amaro on sale December 12th

You might remember that awesome Warlords of the Universe commercial I posted a while back. It was a collaboration between toy-maker Joe Amaro and Castle Grayskullman creator Daniel Benedict which showed off some cool new accessories to turn your MOTU Classics Castle Grayskullman figure into, well, a different looking version of Castle Grayskullman! Basically, the idea would be to create an army of Castle Warriors!

Well good news! Soon you’ll be able to buy your very own Castle Warriors Customizing Kit!

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Warlords of the Universe – Fake toy ad from Daniel Benedict and Joe Amaro

My good friends Daniel Benedict and Joe Amaro have teamed up to bring us this incredibly fun fake toy advertisement! Gotta love how the commercial looks like it came right from an old VHS tape!

I know what you’re thinking, but I can tell you that as of right now there is no word on if this is something Joe and Daniel will actually be selling. But, they do have a website set up at WarlodsoftheUniverse.com. So, I’d probably keep my eyes peeled there just in case an announcement is made about a sale!

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Rudy Obrero and Joe Amaro’s Manta Raider Video Review

From the talented Joe Amaro and based on the artwork of Rudy Obrero comes The Manta Raider!

Join me for a look at this amazingly cool piece that works as a perfect compliment to your Masters of the Universe Classics and other 6″ scale action figures!

Video after the jump!

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Manta Raider on sale October 17th, 2012

Joe Amaro writes to let us know that the Manta Raider has an official sale date!

From Joe:

I wanted to let you know that the Manta Raiders will be on sale on October 17th, 2012 at 7PM Mountain Standard Time!
The link to sale the page is below:


Mark your calendars! You don’t want to miss out! And stay tuned, as i’ll have a review of the Manta Raider up soon so you can see it in detail!

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Update from Joe Amaro on the Manta Raider

Following the news from the other day about possible delays to the Manta Raider, Joe Amaro has sent along an update, as well as some new pictures of the final product!

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Manta Raider Packaging Revealed and Possible Delay

Joe Amaro has sent out an update concerning the upcoming Manta Raider, which was first set to be available at Power-Con this weekend.

From Joe:
The Manta Raiders casts have not arrived, there is still hope, but we may not have them in time for Power Con. Unfortunately, this means I may not have time to do a pre-sell. I am sorry.

The good news is that the Manta Raider is still happening and Rudy has agreed to sign all the back cards so if we don’t make it to Power Con and we have to do online ordering all the Manta Raiders will come signed by Rudy Obrero.

Along with this announcement, Joe has given us the first look at the awesome blister card packaging for the Manta Raider, featuring the artwork of Rudy Obrero! Looking sweet!

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the status of the Manta Raider sale!


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