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Galaxxor’s Space God Infiniton Resin Figure for Clutter Gallery’s Inaction Figures Group Show

From the crystalline planet at the center of the Galaxxorverse, Alpha Supremis, comes Infiniton, one of the cosmic Seven Space Gods!

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The (In)Action Figures 3 art exhibition at The Clutter Gallery!

The Clutter Gallery are thrilled to announce the third installment in their annual (In)Action Figures art exhibitions, which solely showcases action figure & other retro toy inspired works.

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MOTUMUs Death Lord Figure Video Review

From ManorMonster? Studios comes the latest Masters of the Universe Mash-Up! This one is a nod to a wacky knock-ff line known as Speclatron! Join Pixel Dan for a look at Death Lord!

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Gnarled Winslow resin cast action figure from God Hates Astronauts

From the comic God Hates Astronauts that was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter comes the very first action figure of Gnarles Winslow!

Comic creator Ryan Browne has combined powers with Brad Radar (Battle Babies) and Brandon Michael Barker (ManorMonster? Studios) to create his very first kit-bashed, resin cast, hand-painted action figure!

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Exciting World of Jalldoon Prince Algor Heroic Candy Apple Green Edition Figure Review

From Rampaego Industries comes the Exciting World of Jalldoon and the slimes! Join me for a look at the Heroic Edition version of Prince Algor, in the new Candy Apple Green colorway!

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MOTUMUs Rob-N-Mask Figure Video Review

From the company that brought you Bog-Nar and Warlords of Wor comes the MOTUMUs: Masters of the Universe Mash-Ups!

Join me for a look at this wild art toy that brings a classic M.U.S.C.L.E. character into the world of MOTU!

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Exclusive: Mystical Warriors of the Ring Widowmaker Revealed

Say hello to Widowmaker!

Widowmaker will join the Mystical Warriors of the Ring line-up of the first 6 figures this year!

This spider-like character features six arms and quite an awesome sculpt! Click on through to check out several pictures of the actual prototype! And for more information on the Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line from Fantastic Plastic Toys, be sure to visit http://www.MystWarriors.com!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Bloodlust revealed!

Fantastic Plastic Toys has revealed their latest set of characters who will be released as part of their first series of figures in the Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line! Say hello to Bloodlust!

From FPT: Our final tag team and final members of the 2013 AWF Roster are now revealed. Meet Bloodlust; Hemorrhage and Rage and their shifty but genius manager Guy “Big Daddy” Smith. They are the troublemakers of the AWF, concerned not only with their own legacy but also with how much havoc they can raise on a daily basis. While they are the last wrestlers revealed for this year they are certainly not the last personalities we will see, Guy is evidence of that.

This particular reveal is pretty exciting for me. See that mosquito character? Yep, that’s an homage to me! But not only is it just because he is a mosquito (for obvious reasons), but the team as a whole is actually an homage to Attitude Inc, which is the name of the tag team I am one half of on the indy wrestling scene! The panda manager is even named directly after my tag partner and best friend!

I’m a little giddy about this one for sure, and I’m honored that FPT has given me this cool nod! I cannot wait to see these in plastic form!

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Wrestlers of the Universe Dead DiBiase and Greg “The Spike” Supercrime Figure Video Review

Wacky! That’s the hot word in this video! Because these figures are just WACKY!

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Wrestlers of the Universe from indy toy company Good Leg Toys!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Uric Wolfram Test Shot Exclusive Images

Fantastic Plastic Toys has just revealed the very first test shot for the first figure in their upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line. Say hello to Ulric Wolfram! Plus, we’re proud to share with you some exclusive first shots of blacklight glowing feature on the figure!

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