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Rudy Obrero and Joe Amaro’s Manta Raider Video Review

From the talented Joe Amaro and based on the artwork of Rudy Obrero comes The Manta Raider!

Join me for a look at this amazingly cool piece that works as a perfect compliment to your Masters of the Universe Classics and other 6″ scale action figures!

Video after the jump!


The Manta Raider will be available starting October 17th, 2012. Quantities will be limited, so don’t miss out!

Order here: http://www.joeamaro.net/MantaRaider.html



  • thomas says:

    I was lucky and got one of these at Powercon. Mine came with a white base. I have Zodak riding it as he isn't lazy like his buddy Zodac and his flying chair.

    • Pixel Dan says:


      Yeah, Joe said that the bases will come either solid white or solid black. He's not painting the bases because he doesn't want the paint to rub off on the Manta Raider by mistake. 🙂

  • @fireball13z says:

    Hey PD want to trade bases 😉

    But Really I love love love this thing, I have Teela with BG Teela head riding it, looks good with her colors

  • goldschool says:

    The base is a great idea

  • 13977 says:

    Great that means sale time is 2am Fri morning for me in the UK LOL I'll have to set my alarm then go back to bed after.

  • 13977 says:

    Arr man I got my dates mixed up, it was 2am Thurs morning they went on sale not Fri and now their sold out. Oh well better luck next time, I'm happy for Joe they were so successful.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I totally dropped the ball on reminding folks about the sale! Sorry! Good news is there will be another batch in November, so I'll do my best to remind everyone as the time draws near!

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