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Packaging Artwork revealed for Joe Amaro’s Manta Raider (UPDATED with Pricing Info)

UPDATE 8/8/2012:

From Joe-

The price for the Manta Raider will be $50.00 and will be limited to one per person.  I am thinking about pre-selling them to help avoid any headaches at the con. Anything that does not sell during the pre-sell period will be at the con for sale.

This is for the Manta Raiders at Power Con only. I will not be shipping any out at this time. That will be another run and thier WILL BE another run later for fans who could not attend Power Con.

To be clear if you pre-order you will have to pick them up at Rudy’s booth. Which is better because while there you can him sign it! But I will not do this until I have them done and ready, so maybe by early to mid September.
I will keep updating you as I have information, especially when I have the ordering information.

ORIGINAL POST: Joe Amaro has revealed the updated artwork by Rudy Obrero that will be used for the packaging of the upcoming Manta Raider accessory!

Joe hopes to have details on the sale The Manta Raider very soon, but the first batch is planned to be sold at Power-Con next month! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with the details as they become available!

Note: The Manta Raider is not associated with MOTU or Mattel. It’s a limited edition hand made piece of art and not a toy.

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Rudy Obrero and Joe Amaro to release The Manta Raider

You guys know who Rudy Obrero is, right? He’s the talented artist behind many of the box art pieces from the original Masters of the Universe toy line, and the man responsible for the beautiful artwork seen on the MOTU Classics Wind Raider, Map posters, and the upcoming Granamyr.

Not too long ago he posted some brand new artwork depicting He-Man flying over a sea on a hover board-looking device that Rudy created just for the painting. He called in The Manta Raider.

Soon after, talented toy maker Joe Amaro recreated The Manta Raider in plastic! It was a perfect representation of the device seen in Rudy’s painting. After seeing this, many fans said they would love to add this piece to their collections.

Well, fans are finally going to get the chance to do just that.

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Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer Figure Accessory Review

I’ve been following the creation of Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer for some time. Now it’s about ready to go, and thanks to Joe I have an in-hand sample of the final product to show off!

So join me for a look at the amazingly cool Mystic Hammer figure accessory created by the very talented Joe Amaro!

The Mystic Hammer will be available for purchase starting Friday, July 6th 2012 at this link: http://www.joeamaro.net/MysticHammer.html

Video after the jump!

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Mystic Hammer Fan Project by Joe Amaro finished!

Following up on my recent post about this incredibly cool custom hammer by friend Joe Amaro, Joe has updated his blog with these images of the final product!

From Joe:

“The Mystic Hammer sculpt is now finished! Here are some pictures of the hammer with various figures to give you an idea of scale. The size is 5.5″ tall by 4” wide. It’s now off to get casted and then they will be ready for sale. I do not have a pre-order section. I will post a link here and on Twitter to the sale page when they are ready.”

If you want to stay posted on when these become avaialble to order, you can follow Joe at his blog or on Twitter @amaro_joe.

And stay tuned to Pixel-Dan.com, as I’ll have a review of this awesome new piece soon!

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Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer Fan Project

My very talented friend Joe Amaro has sent along some work in progress shots of his upcoming fan project that he is calling the Mystic Hammer!

From Joe: “It’s coming out great, a little more cleaning then it’s time to cast and paint. The size is almost 5″ tall…it’s massive…perfect for 12” figures!

Once I’m finished cleaning I’ll post pictures of the hammer with some figures to show the size and scale. You can see in the images below that the top part will be hollow. This is so that it’s not too heavy which will allow for some awesome posing.

I’m thinking it should be ready for sale in the coming weeks. The price will $15.00 plus shipping.  There will be a very limited quantity made as this is not mass produced.”

I am a huge fan of Joe’s work, and personally I’m very excited for this! I’ll definitely be sure to keep you all posted as updates come in. But if you guys want to check out Joe’s work for yourself (as you should!), you can follow him at his blog.

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