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Big Bad Toy Store

Look at my Stuff! – The Mosquitor Gun Replica

I wanted to take a moment to show off this amazing custom made Mosquitor Gun replica! This piece was created by a viewer named Jarred and was sent to me as a gift from he and his three children: Connor, Paige, and Daniel.

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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Dissected

My buddy Phill Naval was brave enough to take apart the armor on his new Masters of the Universe Classics Mosquitor figure to see just how the blood chamber was handled!

Turns out the translucent red piece of plastic actually has the very small bubbles sculpted on the inner side! I had mentioned in my video that I wasn’t sure if these were actual air bubbles, and thus if they would vary from figure to figure. This seems to prove that they should be identical on each figure. After seeing this, I will say that I sort of wish there were a few more bubbles sculpted on.

Aside from this, get a load of that detailed sculpt and paint job on the actual chest that’s below the red plate! Wow! That looks quite disgusting…I LOVE it! It’s sort of a shame that all of that detail is lost under the red plate.

Click through for a few more pictures. VERY special thanks to Phill for doing what I wasn’t brave enough to do, and send pictures for everyone to see!

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Masters of the Universe Classics Mosquitor Follow-Up

After my Mosquitor review, several folks asked about some of the different interchangeability options with the insect legs! So join my for a quick follow-up video where I answer some of your questions!

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Masters of the Universe Classics Mosquitor Figure Review

After all this time, my all-time favorite Masters of the Universe character comes to the Classics line! MOSQUITOR IS HERE!

The ranks of the Evil Horde rise as this evil energy draining villain gets a release from Mattel!

Join me for an early look at the upcoming MOTU Classics Mosquitor action figure!

Video and pictures after the jump!

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Pixel Dan gets MOTU Classics Mosquitor

Pixel Dan has the one Masters of the Universe Classics figure he has long dreamed of having! Finally, Mosquitor is here!!

To mark this momentous occasion, this video is pretty much an accurate portrayal of what happened when Dan received Mosquiutor in the mail.

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Making the Mosquitor Mask – An Interview with Glen Coleman

You may recall the challenge made to me by Scott Neitlich prior to this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  And if you were at the show or saw pictures from it, then you know I was able to meet that challenge.

But I never would have been able to if it weren’t for the very talented Glen Coleman contacting me and offering to help me out by building an amazing Mosquitor mask! Many of you have contacted me and asked me how the mask was made, and I kept promising that once SDCC was all wrapped up, I would shine the spotlight on the man behind the making of that mask.

So, here we are. It’s time to talk to Glen Coleman! Click on through to learn how he did it, complete with images and video of the actual mask making process, and even grab the specs so you can try yourself!

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Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #11 & #12

These teaser images are starting to hit my inbox faster than I can post them!

Here’s a double dose of images teasing the upcoming release of Masters of the Universe Mosquitor.

Another humorous one! Looks like Spector took out poor Mosquitor with bug spray! We can see a little bit of Mosquitor’s head and chest in this image. The piece of amber in Spector’s head is pretty funny s well. But this image pales in comparison to the next one…

Looks like Draego-Man is getting in on the action now. But wait! What’s this?! Is the top of Mosquitor’s head missing? A removable piece, perhaps? Maybe some way for filling with liquid? Also, this is the best shot of his chest we’ve seen so far. While it’s still hard to tell, I will say that it certainly looks like liquid blood in there! Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part. But maybe not. Am I the only one who thinks that looks like liquid?

Friday cannot get here soon enough!

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