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Mattel Epic Creations Batman Classic TV Series Cosplay Cowl Video Review

Pixel Dan takes a look at the new cosplay Batman Classic TV Series Cowl from Mattel!

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Power-Con 2013 Cosplay Contest

From Power-Con 2013, it’s the Cosplay Competition! Many awesome costumed attendees came out this year in an attempt to win cash prizes!

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Power-Con ThunderCon 2012: Cosplay Contest

From the 2012 Power-Con / ThunderCon comes the Cosplay Competition! Join host “Pixel Dan” Eardley as he presents a parade of costumed attendees and awards prizes to the best!

Video after the jump!

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Making the Mosquitor Mask – An Interview with Glen Coleman

You may recall the challenge made to me by Scott Neitlich prior to this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  And if you were at the show or saw pictures from it, then you know I was able to meet that challenge.

But I never would have been able to if it weren’t for the very talented Glen Coleman contacting me and offering to help me out by building an amazing Mosquitor mask! Many of you have contacted me and asked me how the mask was made, and I kept promising that once SDCC was all wrapped up, I would shine the spotlight on the man behind the making of that mask.

So, here we are. It’s time to talk to Glen Coleman! Click on through to learn how he did it, complete with images and video of the actual mask making process, and even grab the specs so you can try yourself!

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