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Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen Interview at C2E2 2013

I caught up with with my good friend Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen at the 2013 C2E2 to check out everything he’s been up to, and get a look at the amazing product he had available!

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Warlords of Wor by ManOrMonster Studios Interview at C2E2 2013

From C2E2, I caught up with Brandon from ManOrMonster? Studios to check out the latest from Warlords of Wor, MOTUMUs, and more!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Interview at C2E2 2013

From C2E2 2013, I caught up with Mark Vasquez and Maty “TheGodBeast” Hansen to talk about the brand new Mystical Warriors of the Ring toyline that debuted at the show!

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Destroyed PapBehr Stretch Goal Reached on Kickstarter

Not too long ago I told you about a cool Kickstarter campaign for a cool Vinyl USB figure called PapBehr. The campaign has reached it’s goal, and has even blown beyond the minimum and has even reached the first stretch goal! As a result, the guys behind the project are proud to introduce their first variant: Destroyed PapBehr!

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Weaponeers of Monkaa Bloodlust Series Revealed

Spy Monkey Creations has revealed the latest additions to their Weaponeers of Monkaa toy line! Click on through to get the details on the new Bloodlust series!

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Mini 10-Doh! Series 2 Kickstarter Campaign

Here I am once again promoting a Kickstarter Campaign. I can’t help it! There’s been so many cool toy-related campaigns lately, and I really feel they all deserve as much attention as they can get. I love seeing these visions become reality.

I discovered the Mini 10-Doh! figures last year at SDCC and picked one up. I immediately fell in love with the concept. Each mini figure is shaped like a classic NES cartridge and features a unique label by one of many different artists. These labels are usually homages to classic NES games.

So Analog has started a Kickstarter campaign to get a second series off the ground. The good news is that the goal has already been reached, so this series is definitely happening! There are only 4 days left, so if you want some cool incentives you may want to jump on now!

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OMFG! Series 3 available for pre-order now through Kickstarter campaign

That’s right, more Outlandish Mini Figure Guys goodness is on the way, as long as the goal is met on the latest Kickstarter campaign!

I have been a huge fan of this amazing line of mini figures from my good friends over at October Toys. Each series features a cast of wacky characters that are created and voted on by talented artists and toy enthusiasts over on the October Toys forums! The latest batch looks to be another winning set of characters!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Release Information Announced

Our friends at Fantastic Plastic Toys have announced the release information for their first Mystical Warriors of the Ring figure set!  Click on through for full release information on the limited edition Wolfram and Goliath figure set, as well as a short Q&A and even a cool video showing off the color change feature!

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PapaBehr Kickstarter 100% Funded with more to come

Last week I told you about the cool PapaBehr Vinyl USB Figurine Kickstarter campaign. I’m happy to report that the campaign has already been 100% funded, and still has plenty of time left for folks to jump on board!

With the project being funded, it’s time to start looking towards some stretch goals! The folks behind PapBehr have sent along some information and images about their “Destroyed PapBehr!” Find out how you can get one after the jump!

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Mech Ideas Demolition Crue DC-01 Apex & DC-02 Geminus Figure Video Review

It’s my very first set of Third Party Transformers!

Join me for a look at the Demolition Crue, consisting of DC-01 Apex and DC-02 Geminus, homages to the G1 Top Spin and Twin Twist figures!

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