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PapaBehr Vinyl USB Figurine Kickstarter Campaign

I’m really loving all of the cool stuff that Kickstarter is introducing to the world! So many talented people are seeing their creations come to life thanks to the program funding website. I’ve always done my best to spread the word on the latest Kickstarter campaigns that I find interesting, and today is yet another one! Say hello to PapaBehr!

Click on through for detailed information and pictures!

Big Bad Toy Store

MOTUMUs Rob-N-Mask Figure Video Review

From the company that brought you Bog-Nar and Warlords of Wor comes the MOTUMUs: Masters of the Universe Mash-Ups!

Join me for a look at this wild art toy that brings a classic M.U.S.C.L.E. character into the world of MOTU!

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Mechawhales PVC Figure Video Review

Surgically enhanced whales ready to save the human race from an alien threat! That’s the story of the Mechawhales!

Join me for a look at this new 5.5″ PVC figure from indie toy company Deep Fried Figures!

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Cosplay Penguins Judge Dredd from Blind Mouse Toys

Blind Mouse Toys, a new company based out of Adelaide, Australia launch their company with the very first release from their ‘Cosplay Penguin’ line – Judge Dredd. Click through for more information and images of this awesome new figure!

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Infection Galaxxor and Lucha Sharks Rudo Rey Mar coming to C2E2

Fans of the Galaxxorverse will be happy to learn that there will be an exlcusive Galaxxor figure and an exlcusive Lucha Sharks figure at next month’s C2E2 convention in Chicago!

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ThEpic Review Mystical Warriors of the Ring Interview

For those who have been interested in the upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line from Fantastic Plastic Toys, you may want to check out this interview over at ThEpic Review!

ThEpic Review sat down with MWotR creator Mark to discuss the upcoming line, and it is crammed with information and details!

If you were wanting to learn more about the design process, how figure sales will work, and what’s in store for this line, then don’t miss this read!

You can check out the full interview here.


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