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Mega-Bit – Officially licensed figures inspired by Sega Genesis

So Analog has an awesome new Kickstarter campaign to fund their newest figure Mega-Bit! Similar to last years 10-Doh! mini figure, Mega-Bit is designed after a retro video game cartridge. This time around, SEGA has fully licensed the product, meaning Mega-Bit is shaped like a Sega Genesis cartridge with actual Genesis game art labels!

Clcik through for detaisl and pics, and then consider backing this new Kickstarter campaign!

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Mini 10-Doh! Series 2 Kickstarter Campaign

Here I am once again promoting a Kickstarter Campaign. I can’t help it! There’s been so many cool toy-related campaigns lately, and I really feel they all deserve as much attention as they can get. I love seeing these visions become reality.

I discovered the Mini 10-Doh! figures last year at SDCC and picked one up. I immediately fell in love with the concept. Each mini figure is shaped like a classic NES cartridge and features a unique label by one of many different artists. These labels are usually homages to classic NES games.

So Analog has started a Kickstarter campaign to get a second series off the ground. The good news is that the goal has already been reached, so this series is definitely happening! There are only 4 days left, so if you want some cool incentives you may want to jump on now!

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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness #9

It’s a whole lotta madness in episode #9! Join Pixel Dan and Stina as they open up a bunch of blind bag mini figures!

In today’s installment, we’ll be opening up:

  • -Mickey and Donald by Panini
  • -Trash Pack Series 1 by Moose Toys
  • -Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies by Blip Toys
  • -Marvel Heroics
  • -Playmobil Mini Figure Series 2
  • -Hello Kitty Mini Figure by Upper Deck
  • -Megabloks Halo Series 5
  • -10-Doh! by http://www.SquidKidsInk.com

Special thanks to Petteri, Doug & ‘The Boy,’ Cavillier, Jarrod, and Janet for donating such awesome mini figures!

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