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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 002 – Making Toys with Spy Monkey Creations

Welcome back to The Geek Easy! This episode has a genuine speak easy feel, as it was recording from Hennessy’s Taverns in San Diego!

Taking a break from San Diego Comic Con, Pixel Dan sat down to have a drink and a chat with special guest Brian T Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Leo Corazon Figure Video Review

The second release in the Mystical Warriors of the Ring mini figure line is coming soon! Join me for a look at Leo Corazon!

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MOTUMUs Death Lord Figure Video Review

From ManorMonster? Studios comes the latest Masters of the Universe Mash-Up! This one is a nod to a wacky knock-ff line known as Speclatron! Join Pixel Dan for a look at Death Lord!

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Gnarled Winslow resin cast action figure from God Hates Astronauts

From the comic God Hates Astronauts that was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter comes the very first action figure of Gnarles Winslow!

Comic creator Ryan Browne has combined powers with Brad Radar (Battle Babies) and Brandon Michael Barker (ManorMonster? Studios) to create his very first kit-bashed, resin cast, hand-painted action figure!

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Exciting World of Jalldoon Prince Algor Heroic Candy Apple Green Edition Figure Review

From Rampaego Industries comes the Exciting World of Jalldoon and the slimes! Join me for a look at the Heroic Edition version of Prince Algor, in the new Candy Apple Green colorway!

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Retrobots Series 1 Mini Figures Video Review

Discover the world of the Retrobots, cool 1.5″ mini figures distributed by Fresh Monkey Fiction! Join me for a look at these cool little mini figures.

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Sgt. Krugg, Hippo Titan Soldier Drops 05.24.13

From the talented minds behind Galaxxor in collaboration with ManOrMonster? Studios comes Sgt. Krugg, the Hippo Titan Soldier! Sgt. Krugg goes on sale this Friday! Click through for details and images.

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Realm of the Underworld Wave 2 Pre-Orders begin 5/24

Zoloworld let’s us know that pre-orders for Wave 2 of their 5 3/4″ retro styled fantasy line Realm of the Underworld begin this Friday, May 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm EST. Click through for details and images.

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Windy City Wreckage Figure Set Video Review

The new 2″ line of anthropomorphic animals known as Mystical Warriors of the Ring launches with the Windy City Wreckage set, including Ulric Wolfram and Goliath! Join me for a look at this set and all of it’s included accessories!

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Weaponeers of Monkaa Bloodlust Umbreus & DX Close Combat Armory Figure Video Review

The new Bloodlust Umbreus and DX Close Combat Armory go on sale May 1st, 2013 at http://www.SpyMonkeyCreations.com

The awesome Glyos compatible line from Spy Monkey Creations known as the Weaponeers of Monkaa grows with the introduction of the Bloodlust series! Join me for a look at Bloodlust Umbreus and the new DX Close Combat Armory set!

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