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Mech Ideas Demolition Crue DC-01 Apex & DC-02 Geminus Figure Video Review

It’s my very first set of Third Party Transformers!

Joinย me for a look at the Demolition Crue, consisting of DC-01 Apex and DC-02 Geminus, homages to the G1 Top Spin and Twin Twist figures!


The Demolition Crue from Mech Ideas and much more available now at Big Bad Toy Store!



  • Therontsc says:

    Nice review I'm the same not a big Transformer fan. The Only Transformer I've had as a kid was Sunstreaker. But I have just started collecting the Masterpiece Transformers.

  • HulkSmashNow says:

    Seen several video and written reviews of these, and they look really great. Seventy bucks is kinda steep for both of them, but the third party stuff really outshines most of Hasbro's products, outside of the Masterpiece line.

  • supergonzo1980 says:

    Great first Transformers review! Looking forward to more Transformers reviews in the future. I would definitely recommend picking up some masterpiece Transformers. I think you would very much enjoy the new masterpiece Optimus Prime and Soundwave. Also Grimlock is really cool if you can get your hands on one. Thanks again for the review!

  • stink_e says:

    Dude, I had a mega-load of Transformers as a kid, but Topspin and Twin Twist were 2 of my favs!! I had Topspin and my lil bro Twin Twist, so I always had a connection to them as I related us to them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good stuff, I may have to look into these guys.

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