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Grayskull Con 2013 Exclusive MOTU Classics Grayskull’s Standard Video Review

Grayskull Con 2013 is August 30 – Sept 1 in Germany! Join me for a look at the cool Convention Exclusive custom accessory for your MOTU Classics figures!

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Cool Custom: RoseArts Color Blanks Predator

Back during Christmas time, I did a review of a cool DIY toy from RoseArts called Color Blanks. In the video, I mentioned that I’d like to see some of the cool things others could make out of these figures. Soon after, I got a few submissions showing off your skills.

Well, looks like you guys aren’t done! Viewer Matthew has sent in some images of his awesome Color Blanks creation! He has taken this blank figure and turned it into a Predator!

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Masters of the Universe Classics Custom Figure Heads by Kevin Kosse #4 Video Review

It’s always great to see how creative the fans can be. Kevin Kosse has made some amazing custom heads designed to fit the bodies of Masters of the Universe Classics figures! Joinme for a look at Kevin’s latest batch! Then head over and check him out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Kevin.Kosse!

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Wrestlers of the Universe Dead DiBiase and Greg “The Spike” Supercrime Figure Video Review

Wacky! That’s the hot word in this video! Because these figures are just WACKY!

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the Wrestlers of the Universe from indy toy company Good Leg Toys!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Uric Wolfram Test Shot Exclusive Images

Fantastic Plastic Toys has just revealed the very first test shot for the first figure in their upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring toy line. Say hello to Ulric Wolfram! Plus, we’re proud to share with you some exclusive first shots of blacklight glowing feature on the figure!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring – Ring Color Poll!

Fantastic Plastic Toys is moving along with preparations for their upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring mini figure line! Designs are underway on the ring playset, and FPT wants to know what color YOU want to see the ring done in!

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More Custom MOTU Color Blanks!

Looks like someone else has taken my challenge to make a cool custom RoseArts Color Blank! Last week I showed you the awesome Spikor that Buzz Chuck made! Now viewer Jonathan E. has sent in images of his custom creation, and it’s after my own heart!

It’s a Color Blanks version of Mosquitor! Awesome!

This is another very cool custom creation! I love seeing the talent you all have!

Click through to check out more images! Thanks Jonathan!

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Custom MOTU Color Blanks!

During the 2012 Toy Review Advent Calendar, I took a look at a holiday themed Color Blanks figure from Rose Arts. You may remember in that video I mentioned that I would like to see what YOU guys could do with the Color Blanks figures!

Well viewer Buzz Chuck accepted the challenge, and has created his own Masters of the Universe themed Color Blanks figures!

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ThatsMyFace.com Custom Action Figure Head Video Review

It’s a custom action figure head of Pixel Dan himself, created by the folks at http://www.ThatsMyFace.com !

ThatsMyFace.com is a company that creates action figure heads of anyone based on a photograph! Join Pixel Dan for a look at the 4″ and 7″ action figure heads to find out how they turned out!

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Lucha Sharks El Tiburon Presale Begins 12.21.12 at Noon CST

from luchasharks.blogspot.com:

From the corner of the Galaxxorverse that is Hive World X-544 comes El Tiburon, Leader of The Lucha Sharks! He’s never met an opponent or a Michelada that he couldn’t finish. This figure was sculpted and designed by Ben Spencer and fine tuned and produced in resin by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen. El Tiburon was also hand painted by Ben Spencer. This figure is limited to an edition of 10 and will never be produced in this colorway ever again. All 10 El Tiburon figures will ship about a month after all of the presale slots have been filled (so, late Januaryish).

El Tiburon will be available for $75 each on 12.21.12 at noon CST, exclusively from The Galaxxor Online Store.

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