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Mystical Warriors of the Ring – Ring Color Poll!

Fantastic Plastic Toys is moving along with preparations for their upcoming Mystical Warriors of the Ring mini figure line! Designs are underway on the ring playset, and FPT wants to know what color YOU want to see the ring done in!

From FPT:

We are hard at work on Mystical Warriors of the Ring’s First Release, we are preparing the wrestling rings but we want to know what color you want to see them so we can direct our painter. So stop by and vote now so we can get these all looking fantastic!

Click here to vote!



  • Jay says:

    They should remain unpainted, that way they’ll keep the cost down for when this line fails and winds up in the trash.

  • sink-e says:

    It was cooler when it was called…M.U.S.C.L.E. More "Art Toys" huh?

  • @fireball13z says:

    Boy you guys are just rays of sunshine lol, Some of us like these "art toys"

  • @ISUMark says:

    As the creator of this line I am very tolerant of haters like sink-e and Jay. Everyone has their right to an opinion.

    But if you are going to rag on it get it right, these are not "art toys" that denotes I am taking something that already exists and using artistic expression to kitbash or bootleg a new creation. These are all brand new sculpts thought up by me and my team, sculpted from the ground up and produced without the use of any previous toy or license. The concept is copyright and pending trademark, and the use of the ring is 100% legal as I bought it directly from the manufacturer so I am free to alter it how I choose. I also create all the ropes myself as well as the packaging and we are even working on animation hoping to sell it as a series in the next few years. So hate me all you want but if you are going to talk get informed first, thanks!

  • knifebat says:

    Sunshine as the T-rex Sunigator claw, that is so awesome, something we never got to see in the manga or anime but totally goes with the verse, very cool thing to see for the hardcore fan as myself, but has to be fascinating for the non hardcore fan as well!

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