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G.I. Joe Retaliation Wave 1 Zartan Figure Review

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GI Joe Retaliation is hitting theaters this summer, and the new toy line from Hasbro is already beginning to hit stores! Join me for a look at the first wave version of Zartan!









  • I hate that blister card. It's so boring. Besides that though, I think this figure looks cool. I wish it didn't have that light-piping, though. It ruins the hood for me. Also, I think if I get this, I'll throw those heads in a drawer and swap the main head out with one of the ones from the 25th Anniversary series to that he has his K.IS.S. makeup on 😉

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yeah, the blister cards for these movie figures suck. I expressed my dislike of it in the Roadblock review. I didn't want to repeat myself in every GI Joe review I did. 🙂 But yeah, they look cheap as hell.

      The light piping is a fun feature, but it totally ruins the sculpt. I like it better when that feature is disquised a little more (see TMNT Metalhead.)

  • Sciencefriction says:

    Hasbro managed the light piping really well on their Transformers Prime figures, I'm surprised they didn't go with the plastic on the back of the head instead of the top. At least that way it would have been less noticeable. I think a slit in the back of the hood would have been better too. However, this is still my favorite Zartan figure Hasbro has done yet. We've finally gotten a new modern head sculpt for Zartan, since every one of his modern releases has shared the same head sculpt. I wish he had more articulation, but overall the design of the figure and the sculpt knock it out of the park for me. The hood and harness are also a straight lift from the Renegades design, it's exactly the same (minus the maroon shoulder pads). I'm really enjoying these Joe reviews Pixel Dan, I hope you do some more. There a few figures in this wave that have rocker ankles and they are awesome.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Cool! I'm glad you like it! I'll definitely do some more Joe reviews, for sure. When I pick up a few more figures from this line, I'll crank out some more videos! 😀

  • richard says:

    I think this figure looks like the most fun to play with, switching out the different heads, the harness, the weapons, and the accessories that plug in the back. I'm sure I could have my Zartan look a little different every day of the week.

  • Binks says:

    Pretty cool look! It does kind of resemble the Gi joe renegades version.

  • Frequincy says:

    I'm attached to the 80s Zartan look and it's hard for me to even relate to this figure. It looks good, but I miss the nostalgia old Joe factor on this one. The light hole looks bad, not as bad as the cardbacks though.

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