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Pixel Dan’s Top Ten Must Have SDCC 2012 Exclusives

Each year at San Diego Comic Con, the toy companies release a ton of limited edition, expensive, drool worthy exclusive toys that us nerds wait in outrageously long lines just to add to our collections.

Join me as I count down my personal Top Ten must have exclusives from this years upcoming San Diego Comic Con 2012!

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  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    Jem is a must have, but the price kills it for me. If she was $50 – $70, though $70 would be pushing it, I'd buy her from the Hasbro toy shop after. If she'd be avalible after. Wow, I want a doll! I will try to get Vykron and Batman, if there's any left for mattycollector.

  • Jarrod says:

    I've actually got a bit longer list of exclusives that I want this year compared to past years. I want:

    Jem (Though I may not bother with this one just due to cost)
    Shockwave HISS Tank (mostly for the tiny Soundwave and cassettes that come with it)
    My Little Pony Derpy Hooves
    Monster High Scarah Screams doll
    Tiny Titans box set
    Thundercats Minimates set
    NECA's 'Hero From the Sky' Ash
    He-Man Power Sword Letter Opener
    Marvel Legends X-Force 3 Pack
    Funko POP Vinyl Plants VS Zombies Disco Zombie

    Of course, I won't be going to SDCC, so any of these that I actually try to get will have to be purchased from eBay or trying to get them from MattyCollector and Hasbro Toy Shop.

    I've actually been lucky enough to already get one of this year's exclusives from the Toys R Us closest to me. I guess they ignored the street date and put out the Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope DVD set packaged with Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock minifigs. According to TRU.com, it's not supposed to be in stores until after Comic Con. I'm not complaining.

  • TMC1984 says:

    i can't believe i don't want any of those! what's wrong with me?! …

  • I have decided that I want Vykron. Just for a custom, though.

  • T4 was here says:

    Fall of Cybertron Bruticus!
    Too bad I dont have the money…
    Still, we will give G2 a try.

  • He-Maniac says:

    Some really cool exclusives ( minus Vykrap). Passed on all but one of the exclusives this year. I am trying to obtain the Power Sword letter opener. Planning on getting the business card holder later this year so I need to get the letter opener!

    • Guest Guestofferson says:

      You know you can pre-order the power sword letter opener for pick up right? if you're going to SDCC that is. shopafx.com

  • The Rook says:

    I wonder if MOTUC Tytus would be able to hold that Power Sword letter opener? I still can't decide how many He-Man Trios (Vykrons) I am going to buy.

  • Lovable-Bill says:

    For $125 I would have expected Jem to have the right make-up.

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