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ToyGuru talks Spikor and Ghostbusters Dana

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich has once again posted a short video to show off some features on upcoming action figures. He answers questions about how the arm attachments will work on MOTU Classics Spikor and shows how the interchangeable legs work on Ghostbusters Dana.

Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Is Dana articulated at all? When she was shown to us at Toy Fair, I was under the impression that when she has her “normal” legs on, she would still have some articulation. I figured at least the head and arms still moved, and I likened this interchangeable legs feature to the most recent Slave Leia figure that Hasbro put out. I loved that figure, so thought it was cool Mattel was handling Dana the same way. However, I’ve seen a lot of people upset, saying Dana is more of a statue than a figure. So maybe I was wrong about the articulation?

As far as Spikor goes, I love the way they handled his trident. And I think it’s extra cool that the attachments use the same plug in as Trap Jaw, Roboto, and Hurricane Hordak. Definitely not something that was necessary, but col to see it included.



  • Sciencefriction says:

    From the pictures we've seen of Diana it looks like she only has articulation at the head, the waist, and maybe the hands? It doesn't look like there are cuts for any other articulation, and her dress looks like it restricts any movement of her legs.

    Spikor is awesome, I can't wait for a review of him so we see what the production figure looks like. My favorite part about Spikor is that his parts are interchangable with the other figures you mentioned. We're really starting to collect a nice pool or parts, I wouldn't mind seeing them in different colors in a future weapon pack either.

  • Rodan56 says:

    also dIana is now an sDcc figure which means from the first number of 7 figures Said to be coming last year for the sub to 3 regular monthly figs… Let’s hope we still do get that last one. It would be cool if the thank you promised last year wAs they moved Diana too sDcc to give as another monthlY figure.

  • tmc1984 says:

    i think it's amazing that scott is doing these video-shorts, they rock … 🙂 …

    dana doesn't look like she has much articulation, but she's a great display piece – i just wish that the gb's line was going to be sticking around for a bit longer … we still need a janosz/janine/mayor lenny! … but i guess its not happening …

  • PAT says:

    Can't wait for Spikor. Mattel did a great job with these hand options.

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