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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 003 – The Wolverine

Grab a seat and get comfortable! You’re in the Geek Easy!

Joining me once again is my good friend Jonathan, as we’re diving back into the cinematic comic book universe! This time, we’re examining the most recent release in the X-Men movie franchise from Fox Films: The Wolverine.


Aside from reviewing The Wolverine, we also briefly discuss the X-Men move franchise, our feelings on the past films and our excitement for the upcoming Days of Future Past!

So stop shaving, spike up your hair, and grab a cigar, bub! The entertainment is flying at you like a Fastball Special!

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Geek Easy Ep 3 Guests


  • Burgl3cut says:

    Nice fun podcast. Your opinions pretty much reflected mine. After X3 and X-Men origins, I felt like the movie franchise was done and was not overly excited about The Wolverine. But afterwards I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    You were kind of hazy on where the story of the movie originated. It came from a four issue solo adventure when wolverine was still on his original tour with the X-men around 1982 (just an FYI).

    I only mention it because Days of Future Past also came about 1981. It intrigues me that in order to make movies about these characters the movie makers are going into comics 30 years passed to bring it to a movie going audience. I am sure there are many who, with no prior knowledge, will think that these are original stories.

    It reminds me of when you are with a son/daughter/niece/nephew and hear an original recording of a song that has been republished by a different artist, and that young person asks who that person is. I.E. "Who is that singing Lady Gaga's song?" "Um, that's Meatloaf, the guy Lady Gaga took that song from." 🙂

    Once again nice podcast. I look forward to more in the future.

  • bat22 says:

    Let me just explain the reveal of Wolvie's bone claws in the comics. In an X-Men book, Magneto rips out the adamantium when the team goes into space and infiltrates his base to stop his latest threat.

    In the next Wolverine book, Logan is pretty much on Death's door as the team makes the journey home. Of course he pulls through but, even though it recovers and gets stronger MONTHS LATER, his healing factor is pretty much shot from the ordeal.

    So the Ol' Canucklehead isn't half the warrior he used to be w/ the adamantium skeleton and claws, but he still gives it the old heave-ho in the automated Danger Room to see if he can still hack it w/ a regular skeleton and fists. He gets his @$$ kicked in front of the other X-Men. Just as the Danger Room is lowering the boom on Logan, in his moment of defiance, the bone claws are introduced to the shock of the mutants and readers. That is also the moment they first notice that his wounds aren't healing.

    W/ this issue, Logan began a self-imposed exile from the X-Men until a time when he felt he could pull his own weight again.

  • sethmeisteroni says:

    Listen to episode 2 and 3. Like the chemistry with Johnathan. Thanks for getting on stitcher! So far we got 2 movie reviews and behind the toys episode. Would love to hear more topics about, Games both table top and video, perhaps some books, and …your holding out on your star studded Wrestling career. Do you still watch any Wrestling?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Thanks! Jonathan has been one of my closest friends for like 13 years now, so it realy easy to talk with him about stuff like this. 😀 We'll have to see what other topics I will cover. I have more toy ideas in mind already, and possible I'll be doing some comic related once soon with a special guest. One devoted to Wrestling is a pretty good idea. For that one I could have Jonathan back on as well as my other best friend Jarin. The three of us have been wrestling togehter for nearly 15 year snow. Could be a fun conversation!

  • TMC1984 says:

    awesome show! 🙂

    loved the x-men trilogy talk … i agree, when i saw the first x-men movie (singer) it blew my mind and it totally put superhero movies back on the map in a big way …

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