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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 020 – Saturday Mornings Live On!

Dan and Jonathan return to The Geek Easy with much to discuss!


Many topics are covered in the episode, including:

  • An all-female Ghostbusters movie
  • Iron Man 4 Announced & Unannounced
  • Where Marvel Studios may be going with their films
  • The dismissal of X-Men and Fantastic Four in the comics
  • #WorstasticFour still sounds awful
  • Arrow and The Flash
  • Star Wars Rebels
  • TMNT Season 3 Premier
  • The so-called “death” of Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • And more!

As you can see, it’s quite a full episode! So settle in to a comfy seat and get yourself a beverage! It’s time to get your geek on!


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  • TMC1984 says:

    great show guys!!!

    GB's 3?? … hmmm, im not so sure about this – not that i have a huge problem with an all female cast, but it just sounds like a bit of a washout already to me … im a huge GB's fan and honestly, after the passing of ramis i really don't want to see another movie … ive seen other franchises (terminator etc.) go down the same route with sub-standard sequels/revamps etc. and for me it just takes the gloss away from the original movies … GB's 1 & 2 are simply cult classics and i would hate to see the brilliance of the originals tarnished by off the mark re-hashed movies …

    i think sometimes we should just be satisfied with what we have

  • RocketPunch says:

    Enjoyable episode, glad you’re liking SWRebels, Dan.

    However, you’re wrong about Ghostbusters, as it will indeed be a reboot. Paul Feig confirmed that while the surviving cast may have cameos in the next film, none of them will be playing the same characters, and the events of the original movies did not happen in this new canon.

  • rankinman says:

    Great episode guys, I especially loved the last bit about you and your kids. Every morning that I wake up with my 2 1/2 year old daughter, we watch either Monsters Inc, Cars, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles or Despicable Me during breakfast and she tends to change her mind a couple minutes into a movie and then I have to change to another one. After breakfast, its a DC Animated movie, either Flash, Green Lantern or Batman/ Superman Public Enemies. I have a Superman Tattoo on my left shoulder and a Bat Symbol tattoo on my right, she will roll up both sleeves and call out what they are. I know this probably won't last her whole life until she just thinks I'm a huge dork, but I'll hold onto it as long as I can. Again, great episode guys. Are you guys gonna ever go over Captain America Winter Soldier or Amazing Spider-Man 2? I know their out on DVD now, but I'd still like to hear what you guys have to say about them. Later guys.

  • Burgl3cut says:

    I liked hearing what you guys said about Saturday morning cartoon stuff. the experiences of my youth will not be available to my kids, but they will have experiences of their own, just like my experience being different from my parents. There was bad, like being flooded with toy and cereal commercials throughout the morning. But there was good. I was a 70s/80s kid. I got to experience a lot of entertainment that was not just half hour toy commercials. They were imaginative stories of comedy, drama and adventure that were, I dare say, on par with adult fare if only just a little more simplistic.

    The only thing that breaks my heart is that my kids will not get to experience the kitschy stuff like School House Rock, Time for Timer, CBS in the News etc. These little snippets were informative and educational without being preachy, and we did not notice. They were not sickly sweet morality plays. I say that acknowledging that Fat Albert and the likes were around. I do not know of anyone doing similar projects, and if I want my kids to experience such things I will have to seek them out for them. I would much prefer them to find them on their own, because I do not want it to feel like it is just dad trying to force his childhood onto his kids, or, as they get older, dad artificing their behaviors, even if those behaviors are good for them.

    Stepping down off the soapbox, great show guys. I like that you guys do not just render opinions. You give things to reflect on. I look forward to your next podcast. In closing, exercise your choppers and don't be a yuck mouth.

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