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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 37 – Lots of New Stuff!

It’s that time again! Dan and Stina are opening up some toys! We’ve got lots of new stuff on today’s episode that we’ve never had before, thanks to our awesome viewers Kevin and Ricky!

In this episode, we’re opening uo:
-Imaginext Blind Bags
-Care Bears Blind Bags
-Dr. Who Character Building Blind BAgs
-Legend of Zelda Capsules
-Super Mario K’Nex Blind Bags
-And MORE!

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The Trash Pack Series 4 Liquid Ooze Pack Mini Figure Video Review

MORE OOZE! I couldn’t be more excited!!! Join me for a look at the new Series 4 version of the Trash Pack Liquid Ooze Pack!

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October Toys Interview with George Gaspar at SDCC 2013

I caught up with good friend George Gaspar of October Toys to talk about OMFG, Baby Deadbeets, and more at SDCC 2013!!

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring Leo Corazon Figure Video Review

The second release in the Mystical Warriors of the Ring mini figure line is coming soon! Join me for a look at Leo Corazon!

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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 34 – The Treasure Box!

Welcome to a new episode of Blind Bag Madness! Pixel Dan and Stina only have a few new blind bag toys to open up, but thanks to viewers Veronica and Brian there’s also a HUGE box of goodies to open! And this box is full of treasure!

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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 33 – We have a Five Below!

Welcome back to Blind Bag Madness! Five Below has come to Springfield, which means Dan and Stina finally got to check the store out and buy some goodies for the show! On top of that, more stuff has been sent in from our awesome viewers!

In this episode, we’re opening up
-K’Nex Men
-Super Mario Danglers
-LEGO Mini Figures
-Dinosaur Dig
-And more!

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SDCC Mini Masters – Additional Pics!

Since posting my video review of the upcoming SDCC Exclusive Mini Masters, I’ve received several requests for additional pictures. So, with camera in hand I set out to take several shots that folks requested to see! Click on through to check out the pics!

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Despicable Me 2 Minion Surprise Blind Bag Mini Figure Video Review

With Despicable Me 2 hitting theaters soon, it’s time to check out some of the cool new toys! One that really stood out to me is the new blind bag mini figure packs!

Join me for an opening of the new Minion Surprise packs!

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OMFG! Series 3 available for pre-order now through Kickstarter campaign

That’s right, more Outlandish Mini Figure Guys goodness is on the way, as long as the goal is met on the latest Kickstarter campaign!

I have been a huge fan of this amazing line of mini figures from my good friends over at October Toys. Each series features a cast of wacky characters that are created and voted on by talented artists and toy enthusiasts over on the October Toys forums! The latest batch looks to be another winning set of characters!

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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 25 – Birthday Blind Bags!

Welcome to another episode of Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness! Pixel Dan and Stina are back to open up some more great toys, and this episode is a special one! Pixel Dan just celebrated his birthday! So among the goodies sent in today, there are gifts from viewers and even Dan’s mom and little brother!

Opened in this episode are:
-Marvel Avengers Chibis
-Street Fighter Blind Box by Kid Robot
-Super Mario Galaxy Enemy Danglers
-Hello Kitty Mega Bloks
-Power Rangers Mega Bloks
-Mickey and Donald Blind Bag by Panini
-Koo Koo Kennel
-Kinder Eggs
-And a few special gifts for Dan!

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