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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 25 – Birthday Blind Bags!

Welcome to another episode of Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness! Pixel Dan and Stina are back to open up some more great toys, and this episode is a special one! Pixel Dan just celebrated his birthday! So among the goodies sent in today, there are gifts from viewers and even Dan’s mom and little brother!

Opened in this episode are:
-Marvel Avengers Chibis
-Street Fighter Blind Box by Kid Robot
-Super Mario Galaxy Enemy Danglers
-Hello Kitty Mega Bloks
-Power Rangers Mega Bloks
-Mickey and Donald Blind Bag by Panini
-Koo Koo Kennel
-Kinder Eggs
-And a few special gifts for Dan!

Special thanks to Buzzchuck, Mark, Chris, and Petteri!
Check out Buzzchuck’s blog: http://actionfigureadventures.blogspot.com
Check out Chris’ blog: http://www.storiesfromthetoyshelf.com

Extra special thanks to my mom and brother Derek!!



  • Ricky1980 says:

    Another great episode of BBMFM. I love the new logo too.

  • eddie3429 says:

    Loved the toxie ref, laughed out load, i collected the playmates figures as a 5-6 year old, and was a latch key kid, one day at the video store i saw their were three toxie live action movies, now my local video store growing up didn't care what age you were or what you hired, so as a six year old i watched all those Toxie films in a row nd learnt a lot about alot of things that afternoon !

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