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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness #8

It’s that time again! Let’s open some toys! Join Pixel Dan and Stina as they rip open another large batch of blind bagged mini figures! It’s madness!!

In today’s episode, we’re opening up:
-Mickey and Donald from Panini
-My Little Pon FiM from Hasbro
-Star Wars Fighter Pods by Hasbro
-Avengers Grab Zags from Zag Toys
-Mario Kart from K’Nex

A very special thanks to Petteri H. for the Panini figure, and my awesome Mom and Dad for everything else!

Big Bad Toy Store

Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness #6 – Grab Zags Giveaway Edition

UPDATE 2: The contest is now officially over! Thanks for all of your entries! Winners will be announced shortly!

UPDATE: Just a heads up- you only have through Friday to enter to win a set of 5 Marvel Grab Zags!

Welcome to another installment of Mini Figure Madness! This is a special episode sponsored by the fine folks at Grab Zags! Grab Zags has supplied me with a full case of Marvel Avengers Grab Zags blind bags!

So join me as I rip open several bags to see what cool toys are inside!





But wait! That’s not all! I’m sharing the wealth with you! THREE LUCKY WINNERS will be sent 5 Marvel Avengers Grab Zags of their very own!

The rules for the giveaway are simple! All you have to do is reply to this post. Just make sure in your reply, you somehow include the phrase “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” And that’s it! You’re entered!

I’ll accept entries through June 15th, 2012. After that date, three random winners will be drawn!


A very special thanks to the fine folks at Grab Zags for supplying these cool toys for this video and contest! For more information, visit http://www.GrabZags.com!


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Diamond Select C2E2 2012 Exclusive Battle Beasts MiniMate Figure Review

Battle Beasts! That has been a HOT word as of late! Diamond Select has finally announced their upcoming line of Battle Beasts MiniMates, and kicked the line off with a translucent red Ram exclusive figure at the 2012 Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo.

Join me for a look at this new figure from the line that doesn’t have anything to do with the vintage Battle Beasts toy line from Hasbro other than the name itself!

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Jakks Pacific S.L.U.G. Zombies Series 1 12-Pack Figure Review

S.L.U.G. Zombies are a cool new series of mini figures from Jakks Pacific. I first started seeing reports of people finding these at Toys R Us stores, and immediately began the search locally. Unfortunately, my local Toys R Us still hasn’t begun carrying them for some reason.

Luckily Wheelor from the He-Man.org forums was nice enough to pick up this 12-pack so I could check them out! Thanks bud!

So click on through to check out the 12-Pack of the new S.L.U.G. Zombies mini figures!

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