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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 016 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

Settle in to the Geek Easy! It’s time for a movie review!

Join Dan and Jonathan as they discuss the latest film from Fox’s X-Men franchise, Days of Future Past! Is this the movie that fixes the X-Men movie universe? Tune in to find out! Lots of spoiler filled discussion ahead, bub!

Big Bad Toy Store
Big Bad Toy Store

Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo Psylocke (X-Force Version) Statue Video Review

Join me for a look at the latest beauty in Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo line: X-force Psylocke!

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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 008 – Comic Movie News-A-Palooza

Hello fellow geeks! Welcome to The Geek Easy! Grab yourself a drink, find an open booth, and get ready to enjoy some geek-tastic conversation!

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SDCC 2012: Voltron and Voltron Year One Comics Interview with Brandon Thomas

This one is a rare, non-toy related interview from me.But seeing as how I am a Voltron fan, I just could not pass up the opportunity to talk to Brandon Thomas, writer of the current Voltron and Voltron: Year One books from Dynamite Comics!

So sit back and hear about the inspiration behind the current Voltron books, and maybe get a sneak peek at where the stories are headed!

Video after the jump!

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DC Comics launching brand new Masters of the Universe Comic

Well how about that?! DC Comics has announced that a brand new Masters of the Universe comic is coming this summer!

MTV Geek broke the news, and has an interview with writer James Robinson. The book will be pencilled by Phillip Tan and inked by Ruy Jose.

This six-issue series looks to rewrite Eternian history, as Skeletor has seemingly found a way to alter reality and become the ruler of Castle Grayskull, while He-Man and the other Heroic Warriors have no memory of their previous lives!

The series will be taking the darker, more serious tone that was more prominent in the 200X era of MOTU. When speaking of Skeletor specifically, Robinson says:

“He’s terrifying. Period. The silly era is done and gone. Phillip and I are taking great pains to make Skeletor, who is after all a barbarian warrior with a skull face, into a horrifying and worthy foe for He-Man. As to motivation, much like before he wants it all. Eternia. Castle Grayskull. Adam’s head on a plate. Everything. He’s just going to be much more ruthless in how he goes about getting it.”

This new MOTU series from DC Comics hits comic stands in July, and I for one am very excited! How about the rest of you? Excited?

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