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SDCC 2012: Voltron and Voltron Year One Comics Interview with Brandon Thomas

This one is a rare, non-toy related interview from me.But seeing as how I am a Voltron fan, I just could not pass up the opportunity to talk to Brandon Thomas, writer of the current Voltron and Voltron: Year One books from Dynamite Comics!

So sit back and hear about the inspiration behind the current Voltron books, and maybe get a sneak peek at where the stories are headed!

Video after the jump!





  • philip northen says:

    isnt there a new cartoon, what happened to that?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Yes, Voltron Force. We talked about that a little in this interview. The first season has ended, and it has not yet been greenlit for a second. We talked about that more in my interview with Jeremy Corray which you can also find in my Comic Con 2012 coverage. 🙂

      • philip northen says:

        I cant watch it. it makes me cringe. i just want toys of it, but thats never gonna happen. and not big ones, stuff like super sentai minipla. heard of it? its the megazords but like small model kits. the newer ones have shitloads of articulation and have individual modes as well as combined modes. its wierd they got it right with timeranger but have to rely on gingaman ones being seperate, like the bull and magna defender

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