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MOTU Classics Mosquitor Teaser #9

Well, the taunts keep coming. Today I received an e-mail that simply said “Maybe you should chill out…” and had this picture attached:

What, so ToyGuru is Arnie Mr. Freeze now? Poor Mosquitor is completely frozen in a block of ice! Even still, we get to see some new details here. We can see those extra insect appendages high on his back. It also appears that he does not have the blood tanks on his back, unless they are just not plugged in right now. But if he has them, it makes me wonder how they would even fit on his back with those insect legs.

Nice shot of Frosta in the foreground here too. Scott’s obviously playing out some sort of fantasy of his. 😉



  • Dyl says:

    THats impressive TG HAS GONe all the way to freeze a figure! In regards to the blood tanks, perhaps remove the plural. A singular blood tank that plugs I between those awesome extended appendages ( Like A real Mozzie) Could work. Sorry about the caps. For some reason the text box insists on it when on an iPhone.

  • joey says:

    From the side Frosta's face sculpt looks great! It also looks like her hair fades to a translucent plastic towards the bottom which would be so cool!

  • Miss M says:

    Looks like Frosta gave Mosquitor a lil chill. I am loving this picture. Can't wait for her release. What a fun way to also tease out a picture of Mosquitor too!

  • OK, now this is the first one to genuinely cause me to guffaw loud enough for my wife (in the other room) to hear me and wonder what was so funny. I didn't bother explaining, because I would probably only get a roll of the eyes 🙂

    It's Frosta that does it. Brilliant.

  • Steven says:

    I can't believe that spector went back in time before Frosta fell for He-man and stole her away. What a jerk! Let's just hope King He-man finds out he's being betrayed by his special agent and takes away his green capsules. Although maybe Teela put him up to it…..

  • Steven says:

    Frosta looks great though from the side. Can't wait to get her. I hope her makeup's been fixed.

  • Mindless-Focus says:

    It’s official. He does NOT have liquid in him. If so, the figure would have burst from the expansion of the internal liquid. Bummer.

  • tmc1984 says:

    not sure i like those webstor-style back attachments? … hmm …

  • Faker says:

    Dan – You've got Spikor yet? Week to go for the sale. Want to see how he turned out.

  • Lex says:

    Can anybody else imagine Scott giggling to himself when he made these pictures?

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