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Masters of the Universe Classics – What Figures Are Left?

Masters of the Universe Classics has been a pretty amazing line. We’ve received so many classic characters from all eras and factions of the MOTU and POP properties. With 2014 and 2015 dedicated to wrapping up the line, what characters are left? Join me as I examine what vintage figures have yet to be made in Classics!


The 2014 Masters of the Universe Subscription is available for purchase through August 19th, 2013! If you want all of these figures, this is the way to make it happen! Follow this link to purchase a subscription.



  • Benighted_death says:

    Thanks DAN for doing what mattel should do! 😉

  • Frequincy says:

    Great video. I hope the sub goes through!

  • Wrestlingsbest says:

    Toyguru also mentioned General Sundar (hopefully a extra head) & the other horde general that looks like Kano. So worried that Snake armor He-Man will not make it. I know the Dinosaur beasts won't & definitly not the Space Pirates that were in one ep (FROGMAN). But the brightside of when all the figures are made we can pester & bother Scott to get Snake Mountain & the vehicles + more beasts out.

    Also I hope they include special stands for Mermista, Twistiod and Rotar.

    • Frequincy says:

      I love the Tyrantisaurus Rex vintage toy. I'd like to see that in the classics treatment. I know it'll never happen though.

  • JDRay007 says:

    Nice video! Hope the sub goes through too.

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