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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 18 – ThunderPonies!

Welcome to another episode of Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness! Pixel Dan and Stina are back to open up some fun new toys! We got some more great things sent in from viewers! Today, we’re opening up:

-Teeny My Little Pony Blind Bag
-Bandai ThunderCats Mini Figure Blind Bag
-Hasbro Star wars Angry Birds Blind Bag
-Trash Pack Card Game Set

Special thanks to our viewers for all the awesome donations!

While you’re out doing your holiday shopping, be sure to grab something extra to donate to Toys For Tots! And to win prizes for donating, check out http://www.GeeksforTots.com



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  • andymort says:

    Hi! Paula and I are glad you liked the stuff we sent! Well, apart from the candy…!

    I'd hoped you'd get invisible Tygra as I know how much you like translucent toys — it's not all that hard to work out who's in the bag by feeling them but there's nothing to show which version it is, unfortunately. I don't know what the ratio is on coloured to variant, but I'm curious. If you'd like, we'd be happy to send some more your way (and try for specific characters for you, including another Tygra if you wanted to chance it)! If there's anything you know of in the UK — Thundercats, Ponies, other toys, better candy… — that you're interested in, it'd be our pleasure to hook you guys up if we can.

    Paula's particularly pleased that Stina liked the Ponies being G1. She's a long-term fan and collector, and only recently got into Friendship Is Magic, so hearing that Stina also harbours some G1 Pony-love made her happy! She suggests tucking the toys' hair under them and through their legs, as she's had the same issues after removing the bands.

    Oh, and regarding the letter, it's on A4-size paper which is used as standard over here, and does indeed have different dimensions to the Letter-size standard in the US. A bit like how our 2-litre soda bottles are taller and thinner too. I've spent quite a lot of time in the US and yes, I'm a bit of a nerd for stuff like that as well as the usual toys & comics…!

    Thanks for the kind words, we both really enjoyed this show (the Trash Pack cards too — do you guys have/know the Top Trumps series of card games…?) and we look forward to everything you do in the future. You'll probably hear from us again… 🙂

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