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Bandai ThunderCats Modern 6″ Tygra Figure Review

What’s going on with Bandai’s ThunderCats toyline right now? We’re unsure. But we do know that with the figures hitting clearance shelves at many stores, one of the hardest figures to find is the 6″ scale modern Tygra figure!

Is he an improvement over previous figures? Join me for a look at this hard to find figure in Bandai’s ThunderCats line. Video after the jump!






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  • Nick says:

    Curse you Pixel Dan for making me want a figure I am going to have a hard time finding… just kidding awesome review.

  • burningsatellites says:

    Great Review! he is the only figure I don't have in the 6' line. happy hunting indeed.

  • Stygian says:

    Even with all things Bandai Thundercats in an utter depressing tailspin (pardon the pun) at retail I've still been searching (unfortunately in vain thus far) for this guy… but no findee! Glad you Found and snagged one Dan!

  • Jarrod says:

    Great review as always, but after finally seeing how great this figure looks, it makes me even more angry that I might not be able to find one. Tygra has always been my favorite Thundercats character and I was really excited when this figure was first announced and shown off months and months ago. Here's hoping I can add him to my modern Thundercats collection at some point.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I'm really hoping that a bunch of these randomly show up at discount stores like Big Lots or Ross. I've seen a few people say that's what they are waiting for.

      • Jarrod says:

        I got to thinking about that sometime after watching your review, and hopefully that will be the case. Thankfully stores like Ross, Big Lots and TJ Maxx have proven great places to find figures like this that show up in such limited quantities.

  • Jesús Santillán says:

    Why the change of look (clothes) in the new Thundercats?.

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