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MOTU Classics Spirit of Hordak Suprise Figure on MattyCollector.com

Talk about out of left field! MattyCollector.com snuck in a secret figure for sale today. It’s a translucent red Hordak with his vintage inspired white crossbow that they are calling “Spirit of Hordak.” This figure had no official announcement whatsoever. It just showed up randomly on MattyCollector.com. Several folks managed to purchase him, but he was pulled down in less than 40 minutes!

From MattyCollector.com:

Congratulations! By magic or by luck, you’ve found a secret figure!

This all-clear figure features painted red eyes, chest emblem and removable armband, and comes with a fan-demanded Hordak® cross bow in vintage white. Trust us, this visitor from the dark dimension is up to no good… but you’ll have to get the figure to see his complete bio. Straight from the 2013 mini-comic, “The Secret Origin of Skeletor,” this highly collectable figure is not available with Club Eternia® subscriptions or even during regular monthly sales, so make sure you check back often to try to catch him the next time he decides to project onto this page!    

He was pulled down quicker than I could get to him, so I missed out. But it seems like they are going to be putting him back up again. Possibly a few more times. So I’d recommend keeping an eye on MattyCollector.com. Here is the direct link to where the Spirit of Hordak was sold.



  • Frequincy says:

    Great, another chase LOL

  • Kleffton says:

    Interesting figure to say the least. I hope they drop a King Hsss variant (or any sort) soon too. He is the only one missing a variant of the big guys.

  • Oswaldoworld says:

    This was an awesome surprise and I hope I can grab one! This coming from not the biggest Hordak fan but I just love that translucent red.

  • Sievers34 says:

    son of a B….

  • porkmilksoda says:

    I picked the wrong day to skip my normal all-day lurk-fest on the dot org. A forty-minute window is a pretty brief amount of time even for an impulse shopper like me! The Matty page makes it seem like they'll re-open/re-offer him at some (seemingly random) later date/time.

    This Hordak really reminds me of the DCUC Orange Lantern Lex Luthor figure. I saw about twelve of them peg-warming at my K-mart. With Lex's sphere-bald dome, doesn't seem like it would take much to mock-up a custom. What? Just add a Elizabethan collar, dorsal fin, and Spock-ears? Dremel outta snout? I pro'ly have a vintage white cross-bow somewhere.

    BTW Dan, neat Lion-O custom in vintage MoTU scale! I'd like you see more of your custom action figure work. I know you have the fodder parts with which to work.

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