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Mattel Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Bane Figure Review

With the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises fast approaching, Mattel has released several new figures in their Movie Masters toy line!

Join me for a look at the film’s main villain Bane from series 1 of the DKR Movie Masters line!

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  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    Hate the design, but a must buy if you're going to want the Bat Signal or all Nolan Rouges.

  • I finally tracked down an Alfred yesterday, so I have the first three. Catwoman is showing up in some stores, but I haven't seen her (she's technically wave 2, which is just a "first four figures" one-per-case packout).

    I don't love this Bane figure, but it's OK. The Bat-Signal is shaping up to be pretty cool. I love that it's in scale with the figures.

    PD: TRU has an exclusive 2-pack that is pretty cool. Batman Vs Bane. The Batman has a different "muddy" or "damaged" paint job and a cloth cape. Bane is shirtless and has interchangeable hands, one set in fists the other open (perfect for holding Batman over his head) He also has a lot more articulation this this one, including hinged wrists on both sets of hands. If you like the Movie Masters figures, I think it's worth checking out.

    • Oh, and I forgot: K-Mart has it's own version of Batman. The figure is the same one we've all bought before, but it also comes with three pretty much in scale blueprints (the tumbler, the bat pod, and the new flying machine, the bat). it's still the same Batman, but at least you get a little extra. They are also on sale (I think until the 25th) for $12 and change.

      • Pixel Dan says:

        I knew about the TRU 2-Pack, and might pick that one up. I didn't know about the K-Mart Batman though. Cool! Though I don't want that same Batman a third time just for blueprints, I don't think…

        • I wasn't sure if you'd gotten him yet. Not worth it just for the BP, but for me, at least it was something to make the figure a little more interesting.

          TDK Movie Masters figures were also very cheap, IMO. I had several that had limbs fall off upon first moving them out of the package. TDKR ones seem much sturdier.

  • Eddie3429 says:

    Love this figure, the head sculpt is amazing. up there with drageo-man for figure design of the year! But Bane is a fav character of mine so i am biased

  • Fallen Eldor says:

    From what I understand he does come packaged with two weapons you forgot to mention. I believe that batman calls the right one black and the left one blue 😉 That said; he should have also come with the following http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2012/04/12/dark-knig

    All joking aside, this Bane figure has a known variation in regards to his coloring. When you take his coat off, his back either matches the paint of the vest or is flesh tone. ! it is something loose collectors might want to be made aware of.

    • Mine is flesh tone, and yes, I thought it was weird, lol. I planned on displaying him with the coat anyway, so no big whoop. I wondered why Dan didn't mention that. I didn't realize there were two different versions floating around.

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