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Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Troopers Figure Video Review

It’s Army Building time! The long awaited Horde Troopers have finally arrived to the Classics line! Join me for an early look at these awesome figures!


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  • Ricky1980 says:

    Great review Dan, I love that you threw in Baby Stealing Hordak!

    They look great, I'm excited to have them on my shelf.

  • supergonzo1980 says:

    Another great review! These guys look fantastic! I will be getting at least 2 sets of these.

    Also I love the Horde group shot ( good choice leaving Cy-Chop out 😉 ) at the end of the review! This is what I've been looking forward to for years now.

  • Burgl3cut says:

    These guys are beyond awesome! I always thought the vintage guys were a little blah. But, these guys, with the cool accessories and detailing, really are fantastic. I really love the buck modification. That was a surprise.

  • M4n4t4rms says:

    Very great Cylon … ähm … i mean Horde Trooper figures !

    Looking forward to get my hands on those.

  • TMC1984 says:

    great review as ever dan 🙂

    this is a strange one for me as i always associated the horde troopers with POP … i kinda never really understood (growing up) why they were in the vintage line, and as an adult collector specialising in vintage MOTU – that feeling stills resonates with me … and even though the completists may think im crazy, im going to sell my troopers to a fellow fan (a she-raver!!!)

    i guess i also prefer the idea of hordak in charge of a bunch of creepy misfits (the horde) rather than a robot army …

  • Frequincy says:

    Awesome figures! Glad we are finally getting these. I may have to get a few extras outside the sub, if I can on Oct 15th.

  • That is very cool that the armor comes off to reveal the new chest. I wasn't expecting that etiher. Bought mine today, can't wait to get them!!!

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