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MOTU Classics Rattlor with his armor?

UPDATE: Confirmation that is was indeed a mistake. From ToyGuru:

“We used the wrong image. It happens. I’ve already asked the team to correct it. Should be removed by the AM. Rattlor does not come with the armor. We couldn’t afford it as noted when we revealed him at SDCC. He has a ton of deco. Every scale was a deco hit!”

ORIGINAL: Uh oh! Looks like MattyCollector.com goofed!

In the listing for the product going on sale October 15th, 2012, Masters of the Universe Classics Rattlor is shown wearing his general armor!

This definitely appears to be a goof, since we already know that Rattlor does not include this armor. Scott “Toyguru” Neitlich did tell us at San Diego Comic Con that the armor had been sculpted, but it was cut from the figure because of cost. He also said they were hoping to release it in a future weapons pak.

But now this picture has shown up on Matty. The problem is that this is sure to confuse some folks, and will certainly bum a lot of folks out seeing something they won’t be getting.

But at least we get to see what the armor looks like! Fingers crossed it’ll show up somewhere down the road.

Mattel has yet to comment on the photo. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated!



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