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Conabunga! Power-Con expands into the world of TMNT!

Power-Con already has the power of Grayskull and the power of the Eye of Thundera… Now it has Turtle Power!  Power-Con’s next show will expand to give fans of TMNT the same treatment Power-Con has given to He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats!

“It was only a matter of time before this happened,” said Val Staples, Power-Con Event Director. “Our 2012 year exceeded expectations and we had already been talking for over a year of how we would expand the show. Given how many of us are big TMNT fans, adding the Conabunga element to Power-Con was perfect.”

Stay tuned for more news about how Power-Con is going green!




  • Brett says:

    This makes me extremely happy!!! Now if you could have GI Joe join in the mix, all my childhood loves would be together in one ultimate convention : ) …I just might shed a tear if that happened. Looking forward to next year!

  • TruBlud says:

    This doesn't impress me. This is just a way for Val to try to make more money. I like turtles, but I think they deserve their own convention. Don't stick them in with He-Man. Thunder-cats at least fits in with Masters, but Turtles is their own cool thing, and should be left alone…

    • Brad_Bane says:

      Of course, it's a way to make money. Why do you think conventions are held in the first place?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Well, you pretty much have me to blame for TMNT being added. Don't use that as an excuse to dog on Val just because you don't like him. If TMNT being a part of it really upsets you, then you should be mad at me.

  • Darkness says:

    They might as well just change the name to 80s-Con.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      In a sense, it is a convention that celebrates all of the great things we loved from this era! MOTU, ThunderCats, and TMNT just take the main stage. 😀

      We've discussed the possibility of giving it one umbrella name that Power-Con, ThunderCon, and Conabunga will all fall under. We'll be announcing more details as we work them all out, so stay tuned! What I do know for sure is that it's going to be awesome! 😀

  • thomas says:

    AWESOME!!!! I LOVE this announcement. TMNT is one of my big loves in nerd-dom as well so this is just great. Imagine all the great talent that can now come to the con!? It was packed with talent before with just MOTU and TCATS… New voice actors, Eastman, Laird, Playmates toys, Comic artists and everyone involved with teh movies and cartoons.

    They need to have Vanilla Ice come and he can sing Ninja Rap in a loop.

    might as well call it takeallmymoney-con

    • Bouba says:

      For me this was a rare find. I already own the enirte DVD collection of David Carradine’s performances in his Kung Fu TV series. Wish it was available on DVD. This story helped act as a bridge and partial summation for the enirte series preceding this production. Answers a few questions, and of course leaves much open to be questioned. I was very happy to see it available.

  • Pixel Dan says:

    Another thing to think about is that there are certainly cross-over talents for both properties. For example, Ted Mayer designed toys for both MOTU and TMNT! And how about Cam Clarke, who voiced Leonardo in the original TMNT toon and Prince Adam/He-Man in the 200x MOTU toon?! Lots of possibilities here guys! This show is going to be epic!

  • Catra's Lover says:

    I have mixed feeling about this. When Power-Con was first discussed years ago, it was about being a celebration of He-Man and She-Ra. Then it was announced that it would also be "Thunder-Con" for the Thunder Cats fans. Now it is going to be "Turtle-Con" too? Just seems like a bit of brand over kill to me. Even if it is going to become a mash up of 80s toy properties, I think it might be better to just call the whole thing "Power-Con". I'm pretty sure the word Power isn't trademarked by Mattel, and all those toys "had the power" when we were kids. Giving a convention multiple names is just silly. To me, it shows a lack of focus.

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