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Masters of the Universe Classics Figures Display POST-Panel at SDCC 2014

Here’s a closer look at the MOTU Classics reveals that were put in the case after the panel at the 2014 SDCC!




  • Burgl3cut says:

    Wow! I am positively drooling over what is coming in the next few months and in 2015. With Gwyldor and Blade in hand can we expect Karg and Saurod in 2015? I noticed that Stridor did not make the cut, and I am skeptical that he will come in 2015. Do you think you will pick one up from Nemesis? I would like to see a review from you on it. MOTUC 2015! Yeah!

    • TMC1984 says:

      we will get saurod because he was in the original vintage MOTU action-figure roster, and mattel are closing this out at the end of 2015 – so he is a definite …

      as for karg, as much as i would LOVE to see him – i just don't see it happening, unless for some reason mattel bought the rights to the '87 movie … that's my biggest hope for 2016 and beyond, but i've kind of accepted that it's not going to happen …

      • Burgl3cut says:

        I do not dispute what you say. However, Matty has gotten around licensing issues before. 2014 shows that they have a little wiggle room to include more than vintage, so looking for Karg would not be a vane desire. Scott and the gang are still holding some cards close to their chests, so we may still be in for surprises in 2015 and I am eager to see what is to come. That being said, I am all hope and no expectations.

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