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Power-Con 2013 Mattel Mattypalooza Panel – Masters of the Universe Classics Reveals

From Power-Con 2013, catch up with Mattel to see what’s coming for the Masters of the Universe Classics line, including 3 new figure reveals!






  • TMC1984 says:

    great panel! thanks for filming, dan

    that kid who kept shouting questions out was so funny! and a great fan by the sounds of it! …

  • Mason513 says:

    that little kid was annoying!!!! wheres his parents. Im really glad ruben finally addressed the problem. and yes i have a son too.

  • ADPriceless says:

    Great video that showcased some fantastic upcoming product – but dear God….. how annoying and rude was that kid?!?? I'm a parent and there is no way I'd let me kid act like that.

    Also – I hope the guy complaining about Glimmer was able to change his diaper.

  • Jason says:

    Glad to hear that guy tell Scott we paid $250-300 for the Castle and don’t appreciate his snarky comments. That was Classic!!! He was speechless for once until he had time to backpedal with another lame excuse.

    The more he is told that to his face, rather than online, perhaps he will believe it and change his attitude and approach.

    Also, that kid was a nightmare and really needs some responsible parents in his life.

    That said, another great video! Thank you Dan for everything!

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