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Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Men 2-Pack Figure Review

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It’s been a banner year for the Snake Men faction in the MOTU Classics toy line! Kobra Kahn, Snake Man-At-Arms, Rattlor, and now we get this army builder two-pack featuring generic Snake Men warriors!

Join me for an early look at this upcoming figure set from Mattel!

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The Snake Men will be available on MattyCollector.com on September 17th, 2012!



  • Gar Gar says:


  • Feroz Nazir says:

    I'm getting two! Woohoo!

    Soon, my Snake Men Army shall conquer the world! Mwuhahahahaha!

    Ehm, right… Thanks for the great review!

  • Lex says:

    Just in regard to their colours, I am glad they gave us an orange and a yellow one and I really think by the time we have all the other snakemen they will help complement the colour palet of the faction – we have Squeeeze and Snakeface who are both green still to come along with Tung Lashor who is purple so I think these colours were the way to go. Really awesome set. Question, are they in the exact same box the palace guards came in?

  • bjpalm1994 says:

    Awesome review as always Dan!! This set is too cool!! I can’t wait to pick this one up. I think I will be grabbing 2 to take advantage of all the display options. I feel like this set is a another perfect example of how to reuse parts to awesome effect. On a side note, these heads also look like they could double as some sort of Dinosaur warriors. Great review and can’t wait till the 17th!!

  • Faker says:

    They look Suuuuuperb! I'm going to give my figures individual names and expand the ranks of Snakemen in a more top a tier fashion!

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