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ToyGuru talks Ghostbusters ZUUL & MOTUC Griffin

Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich from Mattel has once again posted an update video showcasing some upcoming figures from MattyCollector.com. This time we get a look at the Masters of the Universe Classics Griffin and more detailed information on Ghostbusters Dana as ZUUL.

My thoughts after the jump.

On ZUUL: I like the mailer box. That’s pretty slick. But I sort of wish the rest of the packaging were something a little more special since she’s a SDCC exclusive now. But then again, MOC Ghostbusters fans will probably enjoy that her box matches up with all of the others from the line.

We did get some more information on her poseability in this one. I guess I was wrong when I originally stated that she was fully articulated. I always got the impression that this figure was going to be similar to the Slave Leia figure from the Star Wars line that Hasbro released a few years back. It had the same feature, where you can pull off her legs and plug in ‘sitting’ legs so she could sit in front of Jabba. But when she’s got her normal legs on, she’s a fully poseable figure.

Dana is different. The only parts on her that move appear to be her head and waist. Her arms and legs are completely static. Scott says in the video it was becuase they had to cut the articulation since she was a 100% new tool. So essentially, she’s a statue.

She looks nice in the sitting pose, and I’ll just be displaying her on a shelf like that anyway. But I still can’t help but feel a little disappointed about the lack of articulation.

As for the Griffin, he remains to be one of those figures I never knew I wanted until the Horsemen made him. I think he looks great, although he does appear to have the same problem with his wings popping off randomly like Swift Wind.

What do you all think of these figures?



  • Lex says:

    I don't collect Ghostbusters. I like the mailer box for Dana though. The Griffin is one of those figures that I will pick up if I find it cheap enough on Ebay (no sub for me) buy I am not clamouring for. Looks really nice though, love the head sculpt. Your review may change my mind though Dan. Actually, I am currently not intending on buying Horde Prime, Snake MAA, Frosta or the Griffin. Let's see how many of them you can get me to buy with your reviews haha.

  • Rodan56 says:

    I could be disapointed with Zuul But hey at this point I’m just thank ful she is coming out. The extra touch of the box is cool an I will use it in my display with her and Vince in front of it. I just hope it’s easy to get her on the day of the sale. The griffin is amazing and I kind of want 3 of them.

  • @Mikey2004 says:

    $22 for a statue that looks nothing like the character is weak, i'll get her to go with my GB collection. The mailerbox is the only cool thing I like with this release.

  • Jarrod says:

    I suppose a part of me wants to be disappointed with Dana/Zuul, but I'm just happy that she's coming out and that I'll have her in my collection. I really like the special mailer box that she'll be packed in. That's gonna make a nice diorama piece for my Ghostbusters display.

  • joey Kelly says:

    I really like the Griffin… I just wish he was some how a little more 80s inspired. Like some of those Imperial beasts that were actually sculpted really well in the 1980s. Do you recall those Dan? The Griffin seems a little too hip, or detailed… kind of 2000xish for me. I prefer the more generalized generic detail… and outlandish colorways hearkening back to vintage times. -Joey

  • I don't really like the color of the wings on the Griffin. I can't remember if they are cartoon accurate or not, but I'm not a fan.

    I think it's a pretty cool beast, though.

  • TMC1984 says:

    i think the mailer-box for dana is great – okay, it might just be a box but the art-work is fantastic and a great idea (maybe they should have done this with other figures earlier on in the lines beginnings? …) …

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