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Masters of the Universe Classics Hydron Figure Video Review

The New Adventures of He-Man representation in Classics grows! Join me for an early look at Hydron!



  • bharrisfan says:

    super bummed about the continued placement of the fastening mechanism directly on the lats, the widest part of the figure. it looks really egregious here. at least huge scuba breathing gear can be justified on hydron whereas sea hawk just looked fat. but compared to the vintage hydron figure, it really does look bad.

  • bat22 says:

    I'm actually very pumped to get Hydron. Not counting another He-Man variant, Icarius has been on his lonesome vs. Skeletor's three space mutants!

    My introduction to the New Adventures characters begins w/ the MOTUC toyline but there's a tangential appeal: Icarius and Hydron just remind me so much of the Centurions Power Xtreme cartoon / toys / comic book. I guess Tuskador would have been a good Jake Rockwell analog to join Max Ray and Ace McCloud!

    My one gripe – or rather disappointment in light of Icarius – is that there isn't an equally awesome 2nd head to go w/ Hydron.

  • vitorocks1 says:

    Dan, great review…i don't think i have ever heard you so disappointed in a figure before. I agree with all the points. They are starting to look fat and the lats thing is starting to annoy me. That said, i am super excited for this figure…i welcome all figures to this line, he is unique in the line, and i know if Mattel didn't get to him i would've been sad. YES, he should've had an extra head, at least one without the mouth piece. Next I want Tuskador and Sagitaur.

  • Frequincy says:

    I imagine that red smudge is on the inside of his glass dome? Maybe from attaching it while the head was still wet in assembly?

    He would look awesome next to Max Ray. I have to wait till March to see them side by side.

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