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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 010 – Super Mario Bros Super Show

When a video game becomes popular, it’s not uncommon to find merchandise such as posters, comics, or even action figures based on characters from the games. But some video games get the honor of being turned into an animated series! Some of these cartoons are good, most are not so good, but they are ALL fun!

The Videocade Commentaries is a podcast series where three guys who love video games offer their own commentary on these cartoons! Join RetrowareTV.com alumni “Pixel Dan” Eardley, Lance “Ito” Cortez, and Eric Lappe as they watch these cartoons with YOU!

Hey paisanos! Welcome back for another episode of The Videocade Commentaries! In episode 10, it’s time to do the Mario as P-Danny, Ito “The Jerk,” and Eric “The Pretty Boy Nice Guy” Eric scope out the first episode of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! And yes, the live action scenes featuring Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells are in tact! Neatness counts!



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One Comment

  • Mario500 says:

    In the audio recording, one of the speakers mistakenly said "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" was broadcast by the FOX Broadcasting Company, even though the program was actually syndicated and distributed by Viacom.

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