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The Videocade Commentaries – Ep. 002 – Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm

When a video game becomes popular, it’s not uncommon to find merchandise such as posters, comics, or even action figures based on characters from the games. But some video games get the honor of being turned into an animated series! Some of these cartoons are good, most are not so good, but they are ALL fun!

The Videocade Commentaries is a podcast series where three guys who love video games offer their own commentary on these cartoons! It’s like watching a director’s commentary on a DVD or Blu-Ray…but these guys are fans just like you!

Join RetrowareTV.com alumni “Pixel Dan” Eardley, Lance “Ito” Cortez, and Eric Lappe as they watch these cartoons with YOU!

In the second episode, the guys take a look at not one but TWO episodes of a cartoon based on Ito’s favorite video game franchise. It’s Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm! This cartoon aired in 1996, and followed the events of the live action film, in a way working as an alternate sequel. Does this Kartoon work better as a sequel than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation did? Only one way to find out! Let the Kombat begin!

So hit the pause button on your controller, grab your remote and enjoy The Videocade Commentaries!

Intro/Outro Music by Mat Howlett (www.mathowlett.com)

Intro/Outro Narrations by Brian T Stevenson

Logo and Episode title artwork by Dylan Cook

Runtime: 00:57:03

There are two ways to enjoy The Videocade Commentaries!

1) If you want to watch the cartoon on your computer, then feel free to use our embedded video player version which includes the cartoon episode and podcast already synced up!

2) Or, if you wish to download the audio version so you can sync up with the cartoon yourself, you can download the audio version of the podcast below!


Direct Link to Download The Videocade Commentaries Ep. 002 Audio MP3 (Right Click, Save As)

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