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The Roger Sweet Trio comes to SDCC as MOTUC Vykron

Mattel has finally revealed their 2012 San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Fans have been chomping at the bit for quite some time, speculating on what we may be seeing.

The goofy looking trio you see above is the Masters of the Universe Classics exclusive known as Vykron. At least, the barbarian guy is Vyrkon. I’m unsure yet if the other two have been given official names. But in a nutshell, it’s one figure that includes three outfits: a barbarian, a military man, and a space man.

For those in the know, you will immediately recognize what this is. But it seems that there are a lot of fans and collectors out there that are completely thrown off by this exclusive. Many seem to not know what these odd looking figures represent.

To many fans, these figures have been known as the “Roger Sweet Trio.” Back when Mattel was trying to create a new boys toy line, Roger Sweet created three prototypes for a proposed new line. He-Man, as proposed by Roger, was going to be an “every” man. He could be a barbarian, a military soldier, or a space traveler. These three prototypes are some of the earliest roots of the toy line that eventually became Masters of the Universe.

After the line got the green light, it was then Mark Taylor’s designs who helped shape the more barbarian, swords and sorcery feel of Eternia. And a hit toy line was born.

With this being the 30th Anniversary of Masters of the Universe, I personally feel that this is one of the coolest and most fitting exclusives we could have received. Not to mention this is a perfect candidate for a Con exclusive, in the sense that it’s not really a major character that everyone will feel like they need. Fans should feel comfortable passing on this one if they don’t like it.

I know it’s obscure, and yes, the designs are goofy. But I love it for that very reason. I’ve always been a sucker for concept figures as well, and there’s just something so cool about these three original prototypes from Roger Sweet being made into actual action figures. Plus, you pair these up with the already release Vikor and Demo-Man, which were based on Mark Taylor’s concept art, and we’ve got ourselves a group of action figures that represent the creation of Masters of the Universe.

The overall reaction to this new exclusive by the fan base has been very mixed. It seems there are quite a few people who are outright upset or disappointed that this is the exclusive. To be honest, I’m completely baffled by that. I understand that this is obscure, and many fans may not even realize who these characters are. I also realize that there are some who do know what they are, but still don’t want them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course. But I will stand by my statement that these are the perfect exclusive for the 30th Anniversary. And I will be very happy to add these to my shelf.

So, how about you guys?Love? Hate? Don’t care? I’d like to know your thoughts!

If you’d like to get a look at the original Roger Sweet Trio, check out my video on The Power and The Honor Foundation Catalog.



  • tfg1mike says:

    This trio is a better item then something that was in she-ra once, and only in prototype for toys in the 80's. I don't mind this too much.

  • Stink-e says:

    …I guess it’s cool for what it is, but zero interest from me personally in regard to purchasing it.

  • spartan26 says:

    I know what the roger sweet trio is but am not digging this exclusive at all. the head sculpt on vykron looks super retarded and i wont even talk about the tank suit.

    • Spyder121 says:

      dude, the head sculpt looks to be virtually identical to the he-man head sculpt, which makes sense considering this figure was sweet's concept for he-man.

      as for the complaints, i'm with dan. don't get them, either. after all, this isn't part of the subscription, so no one is forcing anyone to buy it. no need for so much anger on the boards.

      • PrfktTear says:

        I wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but my mind was quickly made up — i really dig this.

        That head sculpt is kick ass. Its so close to the vintage He-Man figure — I think I'll have to come up with a way to do a custom or something — I've never been a huge fan of the MOTUC He-Man's facial sculpt, it always felt quite off too me, not quite vintage enough.

        i am one that really loves to embrace the goofy side of MOTU and this is a perfect marriage of the sword and sorcery that the brand represents. Finally, those who dislike it are free to pass. Thats what an exclusive SHOULD BE — something thats not essential to your collection.

  • PAtrick S. says:

    I am very excited about this and I will 100% be getting this!!!!

  • ericthelegoman says:

    I mean it looks ok! But! The space SuiT looks super generic it likes a DOLLAR StorE toy and the tank sUit looks Plane out Dumb. i look at It as a protoType figure and thats it. vikor fitS in this line way better thEn this thing does! Im just saying i dont like it and i donT hate it.

  • Faker says:

    I'm REALLY digging them. It's an original idea in terms of the line and motuc release! They're in a class of their own (like Vikor & demo Man)! Shocking that some aren't liking 'em.

  • I COMPLETELY LOVE HOW GOOFY THESE LOOK! I think this set – along with Vikor & Demo-Man – is the type of thing that should have made up the 30th line instead of Spector et al.

  • rUB says:

    Love it

  • He-Maniac says:

    Modern military firearms in MOTU? Silly helmets? Phallus Tank head? I love the fun stuff done on this line, but I’m having a hard time liking these outfits. They just don’t seem to fit with the rest of the MOTU Classics look. Other than the buck, this could be a different toy line. At this point I’m a little disappointed. This is the first time I ‘m not on board. I understand the stuff as long as they look like Masters Universe stuff. This seems to miss the mark.

  • @Replikor says:

    I personally [LOVE] this Roger Sweet TRIO MOTUC figures set! I think they are perfect SDCC exclusive for celebrating the 30th ANNIVERSARY of MAsters Of The Universe! I cant wait to buy three of these just to be able to display them all!

  • He-Maniac says:

    Oops, Supposed to be – I understand the “fun” stuff

  • i admit when I first saw them, I was like "Really? Those guys?" But then I thought, "For a Con Exclusive, they're perfect." Like you said, an easy pass for casual fans. Then I looked at them a bit closer, and I realized they're a customizer's goldmine! I will definitely be getting one of these.

  • After an initial reaction of "Huh?" from me, it's growing on me a bit. I had seen the prototypes before, but they never really struck a chord with me and I had forgotten about them. In the end, I like the barbarian version (minus the DEVO helmet). the other two… not so much. I'll get one for custom fodder, though.

    I think if I have any real disappointment it's that this is a character that only hardcore fans will recognize, and I don't think it really stands out on it's own as something "MOTU." SDCC is where you try to bring NEW BLOOD into a line and create interest, and unlike people who are already buying the MOTUC line (and not even all of them), your casual fan isn't likely to connect to this figure.

    I think they should have done a Filmation He-Man/Skelly two-pack, and I'm not even a big Filmation backer (Give me a Filmation He-Man and Skelly, and I don't care about the rest). You know, something to make your casual fan (who may not be aware of the Classics line) who sees it at SDCC go "WOW! it's He-man," or something to that effect. since so many "vocal but few" fans really seem to hate anything Filmation, it would still be an easy pass for them, but would still be something that would get NEW people's attention. I personally think that Vykron is kind of cool (the barbarian one, anyway), but your average SDCC goer is probably going to think "WTF is that?"

    This is just my opinion, of course, and I actually like the figure OK, but I think they dropped the ball as far as generating new interest in the line. It seems like they never want NEW people to discover the brand/line, but are rather placating the existing fan-base instead, which is not a way to grow a line. It just stagnates it.

    • (this post is copied from the Matty thread, but I thought I'd put it here, as well)

      Again, I don't have a dislike of the figure itself, or the sculpting or what-have-you, I just think an SDCC exclusive for the 30th anniversary should not have been something so obscure. We could have always gotten Vykron later, but I think it lacks the "wow factor" needed to generate interest OUTSIDE of the people who are already buying this stuff.

    • PrfktTear says:

      I agree about bringing in new blood… but I don't think thats the exact definition of the sdcc exclusives… which the definition of con exclusives always seems to be evolving. You can bet your bottom dollar they'll be selling He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, and a few others along with Vykor, so if someone who is just a casual fan or happens to be walking by the mATTY BOOTH AT sdcc IS SO INCLINED THEY'LL PICK ONE UP.

      • This is true, but I still think that Mattel is not working hard enough to bring NEW interest (other than the comic book, which I am stoked for).

        I like Vykron OK, like I said, but I think it's a weird choice. I get your point, though.

  • burningsatellites says:

    Great idea for hardcore He-Fans!

  • cheo JPares says:

    I more interested in the early era of motu, so to me is a great figure pack. Would love to see Oo-lar also!!;)

  • Jinxieman says:

    I am thrilled with this choice. I love figures with INTERCHANGEABLE parts, this set is going to rock. I plan only getting one and I might try to track down some spare bucks to build the other two. I don't understand the anger this figure is causing in some people. The SDCC exclusive spot is the perfect spot to release a figure like this, it's outside the sub and nobody is forced to buy it if they don't want it. I get it if someone doesn't like the figure and want's to skip it, but to be angry that this is the SDCC exclusive is just crazy to me. (I'm not saying anyone here is angry, it's more what I have read on the org).

  • King Kaiju says:

    I don't collect this line but Gods that tank guy is so dumb he's wonderful.

  • fball13z says:

    The only problem i will have is if i cant get 3 of these bad boys! I love it and i agree PD, these are perect for the 30th of motu.

    I know with every announcement there will be people that will complain, but some are just going to far with the complaining on this. I could have at least understood a little bit more if they were in the sub, but they are not.

    I even saw someone post, this pack is the begnning of th eend of the motuc line lol drama queens if you ask me

  • He-Maniac says:

    There is a reason these never made it past the prototype stage. They’re horrible. Not every concept is meant to be made. Just seems like The cheapest way to make a new figure. PlaNe buck with accessorIes that dont look like they belong in the line. CustOmize what? Not whole lot of options here. The accessorIes wont mix well with normal MOTU armor or weapons. I think some Fans are mad because we look forward to a cool SDCC figure to add to our collection. I can’t understand how these are cool. They don’t look like Masters figures! Maybe the Barbarian, but then they smacked a wIerd punch bowl on his head. Yeah, awesome.

  • Eterniandreams says:

    They look just as goofy as a picture of vikor,Fearless Photog and syklone.
    The Line is goofY.
    I wanted to have the trio since i Saw the picture.
    There are minor things i would have pRefered differently,
    But i have that wiTh most figures.
    Overall, i love them!!!

  • Ron says:

    Ugliest Motu Toy 2012… and the cup goes to… VYKRON, YAY! -,-
    Why they do this crappy protoforms for the 30th anniverarsy? WHAT on this Figures have something to do with masters of the universe? And why should I pay averaging 40 Euro/53 Dollar for this crap?

    until today 75% of the 30th Anniversary Toyline sucks…

    Fearless Lensbroke = wtf?
    the mighty Specktor = poor coloured DC Deathstroke Clone
    Draego-Man = the only good figure
    SDCC exclusive Vykron = ugliest motu toy ever…
    Sir Laserlot = omfg… kiddie knight toy…

    I'm happy to have Draego-Man and ignore the rest of the 30th anniversary figures, cause I think the last two which are coming later this year looks crappy too. The Masters of the Universe doesn't deserveD a 30th anniversary like this…

    the little point which is most bugging is: Mattel say the haven't enough budget to produce the Shield for Draego-Man, but the CAN do this whole crappy Items for Vykron? O…kay… they treat us!

    • tmc1984 says:

      it's funny you should say that because (along with the mighty spector) i would have draego-man down as the least worthy of a ''30th anniversary'' sub-line … he's a new character, so therefore i don't see how he celebrates 30 years of motu … same with the mighty spector … i should really say sir lazer-lot too, but at least he looks like a motu/filmation character …

      at least photog and vykron have strong connections to the original line, the others are just new characters that (for me) don't really have a place in motu …

      that said, fearless photog is the only figure listed above i have bought and the only one i will buy too …

  • tmc1984 says:

    simply put; this figure is not for me …

    i'm in this line mainly for a nostalgia-trip, and since i never had this figure when i was younger – i have no connection to it …

    i think it's [U]great[/U] that mattel are creating these concept figures, if only to honour the origins of MOTU and increase the lines longevity – but i won't be buying vykron …

    even though this is based off of a he-man concept design, it's essentially a ''new'' figure – and i'm not in this for new designs/new concepts … just give me vintage 🙂 …

  • Sciencefriction says:

    My initial reaction was shock, but after that wore off I found I was actually quite excited about this exclusive. i love the sculpts, and even though i think they could have made the snap on armor (especially the boots) look a bit more close fitting, it's still excellent. now i have to decide how many to get to open and how many to keep moc, lol.

  • Stink-e says:

    After thinking more about this, it's clear that this entire 30th Anniv "celebration" is not a celebration of MOTU, but Mattel celebrating themselves. It's just a big Mattel ego trip! They're not "celebrating" the characters that ARE MOTU, they're celebrating the people that had something to do with it. Now that's just fine, but give those people a plaque at Mattel headquarters, a gold watch, but to pass of these concepts as MOTUC is getting to be a joke when the customers are screaming for Ram Man, POP, NA, more Snake Men and Horde; characters that actually WERE MOTU.
    And now Scott (Toy Guru) is admitting he doesn't know what we want… no kidding?!?!
    Maybe if he would spend more time doing his JOB instead of getting his own and his cronies designs made into figs that they're going to try and sell us, we wouldn't have all the QC issues we have!
    I GUARANTEE the Mighty Spector will have NO issues such as reversed shoulders, jacked up forearms, etc…he'll be pristine and shipped on time!
    Again, while it's nice to honor people that were integral to the origin of MOTU, this is not the way to do right by the customers who have been supporting this line for years now.
    With this latest decision I'm convinced the line won't see 2015…hope I'm wrong.

  • Stink-e says:

    ….come on Pixel Dan… we all know you can' say anything TOO negative about anything MOTUC or you'll stop getting your figs for free. 😉

    • Pixel Dan says:

      That is absolutely not true. I can be as critical as I want. There is no sort of contract saying I have to say good things about these figures. Everything I've stated here is absolutely how I feel. And I still do not at all understand the sheer amount of anger people are displaying against this figure. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don't mind if anyone doesn't know what these are. I don't mind if anyone doesn't like this figure or are a little disappointing. That's all cool. It's the anger that I don't get.

      I can't wait until the new episode of Gooble we recorded today gets released. I stated all of my opinions there. That's where I'll leave them from here. 🙂

      • @Replikor says:

        YAY!!! PD just leaked news of Roast Gooble #85 in works NOW!!! OOT!! More Gooble goodness for my Roast Gooble Addiction! 🙂

        • Pixel Dan says:

          Actually, the episode we recorded today was #88, I think. Val is a little behind in editing episodes again. I hope he gets these up fast so this SDCC Exclusive discussion can be heard soon. 🙂

      • I think all of the anger comes from a sense of entitlement that a lot of fans have.

        I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can never please everyone, every time. I do think, however, that Scott and crew try their best to do just that. if this had been anyone's absolute dream figure (and maybe it is), there are plenty of others who would hate it. That's just how this toy line is, sadly.

  • PAT says:

    I think the barbarian look is an awesome figure ! The tank outfit is just as cool as fearless photog can be. Finally, the space costume could fit the new adendtures but it's the one I don't really like.

  • He-Fro says:

    i LIKE THE IDEA OF A rOGER sWEET tRIO, BUT i WOULD HAVE PREFERRED THAT THEY MADE EACH ONE AN INDIVIDUAL FIGURE/CHARACTER. I understand that the SDCC item was only going to be $30, which is why they went with interchangeable parts. But, from what I understand, the SDCC exclusive is it's own budget and they could have created a $60 item and made a 3-pack.

  • He-Fro says:

    The interchangeable parts is a fun idea, but it compromises the sculpt. Vykron's head without the helmet is going to look weird. You can already see a difference between a regular head scult and Vykron's, in that it had to be made to fit on pieces. It would have been so much better if it was just swapable heads that had the barbarian helmet and Space Man helmet as part of the sculpt. I'm actually suprised they went with this design decision, because they said before that the sculpt never looks right when you have pieces that come on and off the head. Other compromises are the Military Man's legs; they are way wider than I'd like, personally. And that tank turret could be more…well, tank-like. Then there is the Space Man's cod piece that fits over his furry underwear??? And the Barbarian is missing his furry cape. Despite these aspects, I still think it's a great con exclusive and a perfect tribute to the anniversary.

    • He actually has his "furry cape," it's just small. You can see it better if you blow the picture up.

      • He-Fro says:

        HAHA, that's not a cape. That's a shag bathroom floor rug attached to his back. 😉 I would have been happen with a redeco'd King Graskull cape. It's essentially the same deal.

  • He-Fro says:

    I will most likely end up buying 4; one to keep in box and three to display each character. Maybe even a 5th to customize. I just hope that, when and if they get to the box art pilots, they don't go this route and actually make it a 4-pack of individual figures. And, if this is all in caps, I apologize. It wouldn't let me type in lowercase for some reason.

  • clark says:


  • King Kaiju says:

    Wow! Who knew MOTU fans were this whinny. At least you get your figures and no one put a gun to your head to buy Vykron or Photog. Shut your mouth and be grateful. now I'm sorry to be so negative but seriously this is just getting sicking. Every reveal it's "Why not this character. This is stupid. The line is deaD." GROW UP.

    • I agree to an extent. I have a post on the Matty boards basically saying that I get anger when it comes to QC problems, Shipping/sub problems, etc., but whenever someone rants about why it's not a character that THEY PERSONALLY WANTED, well, it just comes off as a tantrum.

      I find that really annoying since I assume that most of these fans are at least in their 30's. Even if they are in their 20's, it's still too old to pound their fists and feet on the floor and wail (that's how I picture it in my head) when they don't like a reveal. I just don't get it.

      • Stink-e says:

        …aren't you guys doing the exact same thing by whining about other people whining?? haha…but really; the budget to produce these figs comes from all of us customers supporting the line, so I personally have zero problem with people having strong opinions either for or against. Isn't a msg board meant to voice your opinions, pro or con? You're just doing another form of bashing. The figs are getting made regardless, so what's it really matter if the "very vocal minority" doesn't like them? 🙂

  • Scotward says:

    I like 'em! Just what an exclusive should be, imo, fun yet non-essential characters. I'll be buying at least one.

  • Stink-e says:

    Dang dude, maybe you shouldn't read forums if it gets you that worked up seeing opinions you disagree with. No one's "holding a gun to your head"! haha "GROW UP"!! 🙂

    • King Kaiju says:

      Like I said I;m sorry to be so negative but is how I feel. Also I just blew up here. I've been hearing all the whining all over the internet. also the all caps part is because I slipped and hit the caps lock.

  • LOVABLE-BILL says:


  • Captain Triumph says:

    here is my problem with these figures. Its been stated in the past that SDCC excclusives have a seperate budget. that means money(possibly more) than a normal slotted figure. I say make a figure that we really want that might never make it otherwise because of costs or before the line ends such as Modulok, Multi-bot, etc…

    yes i don't want it to be a figure i can't get if i don't go to sdcc. but the fact is ever one of the past exclusives have shown up on matty later on and i've managed to get them there without much trouble…

  • Stink-e says:

    I just think that as a Sub Holder, you're really a 'Stock Holder' in the line, and are thus entitled to have a strong opinion as to what they're using our money to produce. I mean they wouldn't have a budget to make their own figs like Mighty Spector, Sir Lazer Lot, Vikron, etc, if we weren't buying stock (Subs) in the line.

    I personally don't like the figs, and won't be buying them, but on the other hand I do hope they sell well enough to not create a problem. I just think that it's been what, 4 years, and some of us are really clamoring for some VERY anticipated figs like Ram Man for one, and we're getting tired of proto figs instead of "Classic" characters that actually were MOTU. I feel the nostalgia factor is largely to play with the majority not liking the proto figs recently because, while they're a nice nod to the past, they don't hold any nostalgia value, and I think that's a major factor, at least for me it is, in supporting this line.

  • DLE says:

    For the people complaining about what it has to do with MOTU, it's really pretty simple. Without the original prototypes in the past, there wouldn't be a MOTU to compare it to. they are what got the series the green light to go into production. without this figure, we wouldn't even be here. there really isn't a point complaining about why you should or should not "have" to buy it, since you don't "have" to do anything, it's not part of your subscription, it isn't taking up a monthly slot, and it isn't forcing you to make the purchase.

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