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The Geek Easy Podcast – Ep. 010 – 3 Best Friends Discuss Royal Rumble 2014

Welcome back to The Geek Easy!

Pixel Dan and Jonathan are joined by their good friend Jarin for some wrasslin’ talk! WWE’s Royal Rumble was one week ago, and what a doozy of an event it was! Everyone seems to be talking about it, and since we love ourselves some pro wrestling we figured we should go ahead and add our thoughts!

All of this, plus a bit of geek movie news discussion round out the latest episode!


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  • rankinman says:

    I've been waiting for you guys to talk about wrestling for a bit. I've been kinda out of wrestling for a while now, due to a 2 year old and work schedule. Of course it got me thinking that ya'll could do ones on the Attitude Era, the reign of Stone Cold (my favorite), the Undertakers Wrestlmania win streak, the NWO angle, the Monday night wars and the list goes on and on. Really fun episode, just loved it and kinda explained the Daniel Briant thing, because I did not understand why he was getting so popular and now I do. Thanks guys, can't wait till the next one.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Awesome, really glad you enjoyed the episode. Also glad we could help shed some light on the DB situation! Episodes on older stuff is definitelys omething we've discussed. We'll be doing more Wrestling for sure.

  • AdamVerde says:

    I remember renting the first 4 or 5 Wrestlemanias on VHS and my buddy would come over and my Mom would order a pizza or my Dad would hot-air-pop some popcorn and we'd be on the edge of the couch stoked! This was back in say…..84/85-87/88 & we were about 7-10 years old. I had an Iron Sheik and Junk Yard Dog and the WWF ring. Couldn't get enough of it – had the NES game for it even! Then I drifted away from it after guys like Macho Man, George The Animal Steel, Bam Bam Biggelo, Koko B Ware, etc. got replaced by the next wave of wrestlers. I listened last night anyway, well because you guys could read the phone book and it'd be delightful quite honestly 🙂 But I found myself Google-ing all these names you were talking about trying to put faces to them – it actually ended up being quite nostalgic!! I agree – Sting in Crow makeup (I vaguely remembered him) Vs. The Undertaker would be very EPIC! But—-The Gravedigger monster truck should roll up to the ring and then to see Undertaker step out of the back……then have Sting descend from the rafters. I'd be interested to hear you and JL break down the Mickey Rourke wrestling movie someday!

  • Burgl3cut says:

    Hi, I know this podcast was primarily about wrestling, but you opened the door about movies, so I'll ask this question anyway. Is the upcoming Batman vs. Superman supposed to be in continuity with the Dark Knight movies, Man of Steel, both, or neither?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      It's supposed to be in the same continuity as Man of Steel, but not the Nolan Batman films. These movies are moving forward as something completely separate from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

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