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NECA Aliens Series 2 Sergeant Craig Windrix Figure Video Review

Adding to the ranks of the Colonial Marines is a very special figure! Join Pixel Dan for a look at Sergeant Craig Windrix!


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  • Dolfanar says:

    This is cool and all, and I can respect the thought here, but really this was kind of a weak wave for the Aliens line. You have a made-up tribute figure and effectively 2 re-released Alien figures we already have.

    And yet still no Ripley, Newt, Bishop, Burke or any of the other key marines from the actual film like Vasquez, Gorman, Apone, Drake or Dietrich. Not to mention characters from the original Alien like Lambert, Ash, Kane (John Hurt!), Parker, Dallas (Tom Skerrit! COuld be the most grizzled figure ever!), Brett not to mention a version of Ripley from this film.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      I think actor likeness issues are preventing some of those. I know for sure that Sigourney Weaver is really weird about approving her likeness to be used on an action figure, which is why NECA has not yet done a Ripley figure. They want to, they just can't.

      • Dolfanar says:

        Well, Mattel did get her likeness for that Zuhl figure from SDCC, so it can be done. I have trouble believing that the other marines are holding out for fort knox… I can believe that some of them fell off the earth and can't be located however :p

        • Pixel Dan says:

          I’m still not convinced she actually gave her likeness to Mattel. That figure doesn’t really look like her. I know Randy from NECA has been working hard to get her likeness for a Ripley figure, but has been unsuccessful so far. I don’t know about the other Marines, though. They very well may have vanished. Heh.

          • Dolfanar says:

            I wonder what the legal implications would be for that? It's not like the Dana Barrett character showed up in other media like the cartoon. Weaver was the only actress to play her, and the figure was close enough to pass for her.

            I guess it would be like doing a movie He-Man figure, but not using the Dolph likeness. If it was even close my guess is lawyers would be involved because people would assume it was Dolph. It's for the same reason you can have flipshot look like Val Kilmer since he never played the part, there is no association.

            As for the other Marines:
            William Hope (AKA Lt. Gorman) is still an active actor… and comes from my own hometown… cool. He was in the first Captain America movie and the Dark Shadows remake. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Hope_(actor)
            Jenette Goldstein (AKA Private Vasquez) last acted in 2008 and now owns a large size bra store 😛 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenette_Goldstein
            Mark Rolston who played Private Drake does voice work (He played Lex Luthor in Young Justice… very cool!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Rolston

            The other 2 I mentioned have fallen off the map apparently.

          • Pixel Dan says:

            Yeah, you're probably right about the likeness stuff. I know that Weaver gave her likeness rights to Mattel for the Avatar line, that she reportedly did as a personal favor to James Cameron. I wonder if Mattel, already having her rights for that, were able to do the Dana figure as well? Or I wonder if it goes case by case? I admittedly have no knowledge how all of that works, as far as legal goes.

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