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Flashback Friday: 1967 Mattel Major Matt Mason

Welcome to Flashback Friday on Pixel-Dan.com!

Flashback Friday is a chance for me to share some of my past videos with everyone again. This will allow newer viewers to see a video they might not have yet seen, and allow the long-time viewers a trip down memory lane! It also serves to show just how much my videos have evolved over the years. Warning: the quality will not always be very good in these older videos!

Today’s Flashback is an overview I did on one of Mattel’s classic toy lines! Released in 1967 comes Major Matt Mason, Mattel’s Man in Space! Join me for a look at some of the cool figures and playsets from this classic toy line!

Original air date of this video was June 4, 2011.

Enjoy this blast from the past! And stay tuned, as more Flashbacks are on the way!

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Major Matt Mason- Mattel’s Man in Space: Do you want a comeback?

I’ve already posted twice about the Major Matt Mason display at Mattel’s booth from this year’s San Diego Comic Con (found HERE and HERE.)

It appears that the story does not end there! Mattel contacted me today (along with a few other sites, I believe) to ask for links to any posts and discussions happening about the Major Matt Mason toy line and display at SDCC.

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SDCC 2012: What’s up with Mattel’s Major Matt Mason?

At the beginning of SDCC, I posted a gallery showing the very cool Major Matt Mason display at the Mattel booth. I had questioned if this was a hint to the new secret toy line Matty was about to announce. Of course, the secret line ended up being a line of action figures based on The Watchmen. So I went back to Mattel to ask about the display.

After talking to Scott “ToyGuru” Neitlich, I found out that this display was really nothing more than a way to pay homage to one of Mattel’s classic toy lines. Scott said they had some extra room, so he wanted to shine the spotlight on a toy line that is one of Mattel’s most famous vintage figure lines.

He did also mention that he was curious to see what the response would be, and see if it gets anyone talking. So who knows, if this causes enough buzz perhaps we may see Mattel’s Man in Space make a comeback!

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SDCC 2012: Major Matt Mason at the Mattel Booth?

Mattel has an entire section of their booth dedicated to their classic toy line Major Matt Mason!

The impressive display is chock full of vintage action figures, some of which are still in their packaging, all of which are in great shape!

What;s the reason for this display? Is this a hint of what’s to be announced at the Mattypalooza Panel Friday? Maybe the mystery subscription? Or is this nothing more than a celebration of a classic toy line?

One thing is for certain: this is one impressive display! Click through to check out the gallery!

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