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Funko Masters of the Universe Pop! Vinyl SDCC Disco Skeletor Video Review

DISCO SKELETOR! YES! Exclusive to San Diego Comic Con was this repainted version of the Skeletor Pop! Vinyl figure done as an homage to the most ridiculous repaint in MOTU history! Join me as I gush over the Disco Skeletor Pop!

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Funko Masters of the Universe Pop! Vinyl Figures Video Review

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have joined Funko’s Pop! Vinyl Universe! Join me for a look at He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, Hordak, and Spikor!

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Funko Pop! Vinyl Interview with Shawndra Illingworth at SDCC 2013

I caught up with Shawndra Illingworth of Funko Toys to talk all things Pop! Vinyl at SDCC 2013!

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Exclusive look at the SDCC Disney Pop! Vinyl Metallic Genie

Disney Store was kind enough to send along an exlcusive image of one of Funko’s SDCC Exclsuive Disney Pop! Vinyl figures!

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Disco Skeletor Pop! Vinyl confirmed as SDCC Exclusive

Amazing! Following up on my earlier report, it ‘s now official that one of Funko’s many exclusives is none other that a repaint of the Skeletor Pop! Vinyl known as Disco Skeletor!

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Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinter and Shredder Pop! Vinyl Figures Video Review

Rounding out the TMNT Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko are the honorable sensei of the fab four and their arch enemy! Join me for a look at Splinter and Shredder!

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Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop! Vinyl Figures Video Review

Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line continues to pick up amazing licenses! Join me for a look at vinyl versions of the Heroes in a Half-Shell! It’s the TMNT Pop! Vinyl line!

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SDCC Exclusive Disco Skeletor Pop! Vinyl coming from Funko??

My wife and I both enjoy collecting Funko’s Pop! Vinyl toy line. There is such a great range of characters we both love. We’ve both been waiting to hear what their SDCC Exclsuives are going to be this year, and while doing some searchign I came across their teaser list. You see, Funko likes to tease their exlcusives before actually announcing them. While browsing the list of their 57 exclsuives, one of their teasers really jumped out at me…

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Pixel Dan’s Blind Bag Mini Figure Madness Ep. 29 – Funko Disney Mystery Minis

Sponsored Review: Order Funko Disney Mystery Minis and other Funko Mystery Mini figures from Big Bad Toy Store! Click here!

Welcome to episode 29 of Blind Bag Madness! Today is an episode Stina has been waiting for, because thanks to out sponsor at BigBadToyStore.com we have a whole case of the new Disney Mystery Minis from Funko to open up! Join us for our hunt for the entire first series!

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Vinyl Invaders 11″ MOTU Skeletor Robot coming from Funko

Looks like Funko’s 11″ Vinyl Invader series is getting a dose of Masters of the Universe!

Robot Skeletor is already listed for pre-order at our sponsor FantasticPlasticToys.com! This looks to be similar to the 11″ Robot Batman they recently released.

This is definitely a unique looking collectible!

Click here to pre-order the Vinyl Invaders 11″ Robot Skeletor from FantasticPlasticToys.com


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