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Funko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop! Vinyl Figures Video Review

Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line continues to pick up amazing licenses! Join me for a look at vinyl versions of the Heroes in a Half-Shell! It’s the TMNT Pop! Vinyl line!




  • vitorocks1 says:

    Hey Dan, good review, but in it you stated no paint issues…is it me your did Mikey have some orange on his shoulder?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      You know what…I totally overlooked that until you pointed it out. Wow. Very small smudge on his shoulder. That sucks…and can't believe I didn't catch that. Thanks for the heads up!

      • vitorocks1 says:

        Np, I find a lot of these Pop's have smudge issues and drops of paint. My Gir, She-ra, Hello Kitty Kiss all have something wrong. And there's not much to be done cause all of my other options of these characters are worse. I feel that they put out so many, and have become sloppy because of it. Almost like the Jazware stuff. Lol. Thanks Dan 🙂

        • Pixel Dan says:

          Yeah, it's definitely a regular issue with them. We've got several Pop Vinyl figures at home, and small paint smudges seem to be quite common. Love the line, but definitely seems to be a tad sloppy at times.

  • vitorocks1 says:

    lol whoops, i meant or did Mikey….

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