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Star Trek Kre-O USS Enterprise Set Video Review

The new line of Kre-O sets based on the new Star Trek film are in stores right now! Join me for a look at the flagship of the Federation, the USS Enterprise!


Want an even more in-depth look? Several images of the USS enterprise Kre-O set are available at Toy New International!



  • Ricky1980 says:

    It's a pretty nice looking set, it would be better if it was LEGO. Do you think the Kre-Os are better than Mega Bloks?

    You mentioned the numbered bags in the bigger LEGO sets, I'm the guy who dumps all the bags out at once. As a kid they didn't have numbers so digging through all the pieces has become a part of LEGOs for me. It makes for a longer build, the Haunted House took me 8 hours. It would have been less if I had used the numbered system.

  • Pixel Dan says:

    I haven't built a Mega Bloks set in a long time, but I do feel Kre-O is on about the same level, possible a little better. For the most part I'm pretty happy with Kre-O. I never go in to these non-LEGO sets expecting them to be as good as LEGO. 🙂 This saucer piece not holding together well is the first reall issue I've experienced with a Kre-O set, and I may be the only one with this problem as no one else is reporting this issue with it. So I may have just got an unlucky set. Or maybe it's my fault. lol.

    And wow….yeah, I prefer the numbered bags. Call me lazy. LOL!

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