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Hasbro Kre-O at New York Toy Fair 2014

Pixel Dan catches up with Hasbro at New York Toy Fair 2014 to talk all things Kre-O, including the amazing upcoming G.I. Joe Terrordrome set!




  • AdamVerde says:

    So………..G.I. Joe turns 50 this year and it's JUST the Kre-O stuff? :-/
    I mean Kreons are fun & all but no other big "Ta-Da!!" Unveil from Hasbro for Joe50?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      No, there's also a new series of 3.75" figures coming out exclusive to TRU to celebrate the 50th anniversary. There are a few two-packs and a few vehicles. They did not have them on display though. They just told us about them.

  • AdamVerde says:

    Ahhhh- perhaps waiting for Joe-Con to show them….
    THANKS for the reply Dan! We're all very thankful that you are there being "our eyes & ears on the street" as Spidey would put it! 😉 Especially since it's gotta be hard doing this legwork for us 1,000 miles away from Spence & Stina!! God bless!
    I gotta snag me one of those 6" Speeder Bikes & the 1990 Movie Turtles!!!! Those DC Super Powers figures are an awesome surprise as well!! Thanks again for all the intel PD! We've all been scarfing up the videos with great interest 🙂

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