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Mattel SDCC Exclusive Classic TV Series Batusi Batman Figure Video Review

After all these years, we’re finally getting action figures based off of Adam West’s Batman from the classic TV series! Kicking off the line is this fun SDCC Exclusive set! Join me for a look at Batusi Batman!




  • MattSterner says:

    Can you put his cape in his hands while his arm are extended/mostly extended?
    Wondering if he can flap his cape like he did in the show to scare people.
    Thanks for a great review. I was going to pass on this because of the action feature, but his arm flapping dance has sold me.

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Unfortunately not. The cape is pretty straight and does not spread out wide enough to do that. Plus, the way his hands are posed, there'd be no way to get him to hold the cape even if it could stretch that far. That would have been cool though!

  • mordachi says:

    Do you know when the figure line and Batmobile release? Also are they in scale with the movie masters line or the DCUC line?

    • Pixel Dan says:

      The Batmobile is actually being offered first at SDCC through the Entertainment Earth booth by Toys R Us, and also goes on sale on ToysRUs.com on July 17th. Should be in stores after that. These figures should be comparable to the Movie Masters line. I have the stabdard Batman/Robin set also, and I'll be reviewing it very soon. I'll compare the figures to regular DCUC and Movie Masters in that video to find out for sure. 🙂

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