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Masters of the Universe Classics Cy-Chop Figure Review

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The 5th figure in the 30th Anniversary MOTU Classics sub line is here! Created by Terry Higuchi comes Cy-Chop!

Join me for an early look at this upcoming figure!

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  • Faker says:

    I think he would've been better off with chops on just one hand – The mainstream MOTU approach – and a regular left hand (Horde Prime's would've worked).

  • @Scotward23 says:

    I gotta be honest, when I first saw this figure, I thought he was probably #6 on my list of the 30th figures. But as time passes, he's moving up pretty quick. Where Draego-Man is so beautiful to look at… Cy-Chop just seems… fun. I didn't like him at first because I wasn't sure about displaying him, but now I can't wait for him, cause I just want to play with him! (Funny, right? To want to play with a toy :D) I retroactively want to have had Cy-Chop with me on the grade school playground.

  • This is the only 30th figure that I'll probably sell. Yuck.

  • Zap Rowsdower says:

    This is an easy pass. Actually, they’ve all been easy to pass on. With these figures so far Mattel has really missed out on a great opportunity to capitalize on the 30th anniversary. These six slots are where we should have gotten characters like Vikor, Demo Man, Battleground Teela, etc. These new figures just don’t do it for me, but that’s just my humble opinion.

  • Philip says:

    im not being byast, but heman in a loin cloths and muscles looks kinda gay. optimus makes sense because hes a robot

    • Pixel Dan says:

      Aw come on, man. What if he was gay? Would that be a negative thing? It's 2012…let's not use the word "gay" as an insult. He-Man and the whole universe is based on barbarian-type worlds, such as Conan. If that's not your cup 'o tea, then no problem man! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm glad you like Transformers. That's great! But MOTU is always going to be #1 to me, personally. 🙂

  • simon j says:

    first time i saw him at sdcc i hated it,but it has definatly grown on me,cant wait to get him.

  • Lex says:

    I love this figure. Ever since I saw him I thought he was amazing.

  • Erick says:

    I dont like him..he’s too “manga” looking….
    I prefer sir laser lot over him

  • Ruddiger says:

    The pic of Roboto with the scissors was the best. I'm SOOO gonna do that!

  • Tiger-Boy says:

    I'm not sure…
    If I change one of his scissors for one of Horde Prime Hands…
    Yes! That would be it!
    I think 2 scissor hands (No pun intended) is too much. But one.. PERFECT!
    Now I want this one…if only I can get an extra set of Horde Prime's hands…

  • Bah'glenn says:

    Awesome review! I'm not buying as many MotU Classic figures anymore, but this one might be a purchase alongside Rattlor next month. Did you try using the Spy Monkey Creations Armory Glyos weapons with Cy-Chop? You could then give him some really insane weapon hands.

  • Barrel05 says:

    Where do you get those battle armour skelie shirts

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