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Masters of the Universe Classics Horde Prime Figure Review

The evil Emperor of the Evil Horde has received his first ever action figure!

Join Pixel Dan for a look at the MOTU Classics Horde Prime!






Horde Prime will be available on MattyCollector.com on June 15th, 2012.



  • PrfktTear says:

    Very interesting… Overall I have to say that I am excited about Horde Prime, but like yourself I prefer to think of Hordak as the end-all be-all bad guy. I don't like the idea of him having to report to somebody.

    That was pretty funny with the SpecTor head though!

    • Pixel Dan says:

      When I opened the figure and saw the Spector head for the first time, I literally laughed out loud. I couldn't believe it…

      Yeah, I've never liked the idea of Horde Prime. And when this figure was revealed, I wasn't excited. But having him in hand, I can rally see just how well done he is. I can't wait to get the "real" head in hand, too.

      Once cool though is that if you don't like Horde Prime, you can always put Hordak's head on the body like I did in the video and use this as some cool battle armor or maybe some sort of ceremonial outfit for Hordak. 🙂

  • Man-E-Fan1977 says:

    A follow-up video? Something you didn't do with Man-E-Faces.

  • PAT says:

    AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOME TEST ! I knew Spector was behind every figure anyway.

    I love Horde Prime !

  • Ron says:

    Oh boy I just get a heart attack when I saw this crappy mighty spector head on him! thanks to all goddess in the universe that this was just a joke. I need this horde prime figure! awesome!

  • fball13z says:

    Great review PD!

    I love this figure, MOTU or not, he is just a cool looking toy. And so many options, kick ass leader of the horde or a new set of armor for Hordak, or get 2 and use them as Hordaks body guards. So many cool choices.

    I am sad to see the staff go, but hope TG/Mattel fits it in somewhere!

  • I had no intention of getting this figure, but I'm actually thinking about picking one up for a "Battle Armor Hordak" type deal.

    Oh, and that Spector joke was funny as hell 🙂 Score one for Scott, lol!

  • Faker says:

    Horde Prime looks dazzling! I like how they updated his shin pieces adn gloves. The dull/dark bat sumbol on his armor has an aura of spectre to it.

  • Frequincy says:

    I like this figure more now that I see it close up.

  • aznabul says:

    right…. ^_^

  • clark says:

    Spector is the ultimate evil in the universe?

  • Lex says:

    Hmmm I am really unsure about this one. I remember the UK Prime and I always thought he was a bit goofy, but when I first saw the figure I liked it. I am a sucker for bad guys. This one just seems to suffer from the lack of paint apps more than Stinkor did. He kinda looks unfinished somehow. Great sculpt, but just wish he has a bit more detail.

  • Master_Beas says:

    Dan – Just Wondering if his cape is really loose like the faceless One's is. I hate the fact that is is not snapped on in some way if just flops around to much. Just wonder if H. Primes is the same way since it just sits atop the shoulders

  • Uncle Jake says:

    Dan, you didn’t answer the biggest question I had about Prime. Does the Helmet/mask fIt over the UK Head?

  • Chris says:

    I thought this figure was a waste and I did not care who his boss was. It seemed a little like dr. Doom havIng a “masTer” (thAnks mark Millar) but having seen this and the Prototype shot….awesome glad the guy looks a little older and surly.

  • It's kind of funny, since they are the only thing that's really accurate from HP's actual appearances, but the hands are my least favorite part, being that they are silver and don't really match anything else.

    I would have liked it better if they were black or red. The figure is fairly monotone already, but the silver hands just look odd to me.

    Regardless, I think I've already decided on picking this up, along with a second Hordak, to do some part swaps.

  • joe says:

    Something about this guy reminds me of Jack Kirby's way of drawing Thor and the rest of the Asgardians. Gotta be that helmet.

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  • @AFInsider says:

    I got my sample this week. it was also opened ahead of time. i had a Faceless one's head popped on mine… which kinda worked.

  • lictprocaner says:


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